"The Bitch of Buchenwald" Ilse Koch - She Wolf of the SS

feeling ok today? need something to make your skin crawl? sit back and read the story of Ilse Koch. remember all of this is real, and it proves that many times reality is more bizarre than fiction.



[quote:1gbojpjs]SHE WOLF OF THE SS


he 'Bitch of Buchenwald' murdered prisoners so she could use their thumbs as light switches

The Holocaust threw up some of the most horrific human behaviour in world history. But even in the canon of Nazi war crimes, Ilse Koch's reign of terror at Buchenwald concentration camp was sickening in the extreme. She had men beaten to death for looking at her, flogged prisoners as she rode by on her horse, and had dozens of people executed on her whims. She had human-skin handbags, light switches made from prisoners' thumbs, and lamps fashioned from human bones.

When it comes to nicknaming infamous criminals there are two rules you need to respect. Firstly, give them a name that sounds like its original owner was a character in a 1930s dime-store detective novel; The Night Stalker, The Freeway Killer, The Clown Killer, etc. Secondly, and this is important, alliteration and brevity are essential. It's the latter rule that means the history books refer to Ilse Koch as The Bitch of Buchenwald rather than The Cruel Psychotic Evil Narcissistic Nazi Slut of Buchenwald.

Ilse was born in 1906 in Berlin. Unlike some killers, her childhood behaviour gave no indication of the random cruelty she would inflict on others later in life. No collection of small animal ears under her bed. No unhealthy pursuits that a more attentive parent might have nipped in the bud, thus changing the course of history.

Ilse was considered to be a great kid by everyone who met her. She was sweet, caring and mindful of others' feelings. A good example of her character is that when she started work in a cigarette factory at the age of 15, Ilse gave her mother half her wages to support the family. She seemed destined to become an adult any parent would be proud to have brought into the world.

After two years of packing cigarettes, Ilse went to work in a local bookshop. The move made sense for both parties - Ilse wanted to discover the classics of literature and the bookstore were happy to employ a young girl who could arouse more than a passing interest in literature from their customers. However, things weren't quite how they seemed.

If this was a made-for-TV drama, the dramatic all-is-not-well music would strike up right about now. The child actress playing delightful young Ilse would leave to be replaced by 'young adult Ilse' - cast for her cold eyes and the air of dominatrix about her. Also, the kindly old bookseller would start indicating his true nature as a predatory Nazi sympathiser by licking his lips every time Ilse turned her back. When she asked him to recommend some classic literature he would reply, "It would be a pleasure," before pressing a copy of Why Young Nazis Are Great Lovers And Generally Decent Folk into her palm.

In short, after a couple of sequences of summer being replaced by winter we would see new Ilse: More confident. Sexier. A vamp almost. A vamp who was now working in a Nazi propaganda merchant's.

And Ilse was more than a sympathiser - she actually liked the Nazis. And they liked her. Many of them in a more-than-friendly sense. Ilse most definitely had it and she never missed a chance to flaunt it, especially in the face of a young Nazi officer.

It wasn't long before Ilse's shameless flirting - and insatiable sexual appetite - came to the attention of Nazis higher up the food chain and she was offered a job as a secretary at the party HQ.

In 1937, Heinrich Himmler, feared leader of the SS and controller of the Gestapo, recommended to Karl Otto Koch, his closest aide, that he should start stepping out with Ilse.

The name Karl Otto Koch was already synonymous with torture and cruelty. Nine years Ilse's senior, Karl was a bank clerk before he joined the German Army and later the Schutz Staffeinel (SS). He was promoted quickly out of every position he held, thanks mostly to his blatant sadism. His finest hour before meeting Ilse was his time as Commander in Chief of Columbia Street prison in Berlin, which was characterised by cruelty.

An official report into his behaviour there revealed one particular incident for which he had become well known by his peers: "Prisoners were locked in doghouses, chained by the neck, and forced to lap food from a bowl. Anyone failing to bark when Koch walked by received 25 lashes. He had one prisoner beaten senseless, then ordered guards to stop up his anus with hot asphalt and force him to drink castor oil."

Ilse and Karl were a match made in hell. She was attracted to his power and notoriety. He was attracted to her obvious charms. They married before the year was out. Karl's reward for slipping admirably into Nazi domestic nirvana (a new life with a beautiful, German, right-wing wife; a potential Nazi Jr machine) was to be given command of the new Buchenwald concentration camp in Weimar. Ilse was given the position of SS Aufseherin, meaning she would have the rather vague title of 'overseer' at the camp.

The couple moved into a villa next to the camp and started their family, having two sons, one of whom would eventually kill himself because he was so ashamed of his parents.

Soon after the birth of the children, contact, sexual or otherwise, became a thing of the past. Rather than being with his wife, Karl chose to sate his needs by indulging in orgies with the lucky women of Weimar. While Karl was living it up, he contracted syphilis. The doctor who cured Koch - as a favour - was killed the day after treatment, lest he should reveal Karl Koch's dirty little secret. Behind her husband's back, Ilse arranged numerous well-attended orgies of her own. She was known to enjoy whatever the correct term for a seven-some is. Within a year of the Kochs' arrival at Buchenwald, Ilse was having simultaneous affairs with other officers as well as Dr Waldermar Hoven, the chief medical officer, and Hermann Florstedt, the deputy commander of the camp.

With no husband in attendance to curb the sinister excesses of her nature, and no-one who dared question her because she was the second most important person in the camp, she was in a unique situation. And she began to exploit it in every way she could.

Ilse loved to flaunt her body to prospective short-term fuck puppets. Sometimes she would expose herself on the balcony of her villa for the benefit of the SS guards. Other times she would reveal herself to the prisoners by sunbathing close to the perimeter of the camp.

As tempted as they might have been, it was in the prisoners' best interests to turn away. Many of them learned this the hard way. Ilse used to delight in taunting the new inmates by stripping half-naked and fondling herself. If anyone so much as looked in her direction they only did it once. For their lack of respect they would be punished with a severe beating.

On one occasion, prisoners were being led into the camp when Ilse made a vulgar speculation about what they might like to do to her if they were free. Three men looked up in response. Two were beaten to death immediately. The other's last breath was drawn as he lay face down in the dirt with an SS officer's boot on the back of his neck. Ilse herself filed the paperwork that accused them of insulting her and leering at her lasciviously.

Her increasing lust for sex was matched in pace by her increasing lust for blood. On one occasion, she implored two guards who were moving some prisoners to instigate a random execution by herding some of the men into a closed area of an exercise yard and shooting them. When Ilse felt the guards were not killing the men quickly enough she used a handgun to pick some of them off herself. The incident left 24 people dead.

After sex and killing, Ilse's next love was horse riding. Prisoner testimonies told how she liked to ride through the camp whipping people she felt weren't working hard enough or she just didn't like the look of.

Jealous of the facilities provided to accommodate Goering's love of falconry, in 1939, Ilse insisted on having a private, indoor riding hall built for her at the camp. The rectangular building was designed to be 120ft by 300ft with a 60ft-high roof.

When Ilse grew impatient for her riding hall the pace of construction was increased. Dramatically so. And it proved fatal for 30 prisoners who died from accidents or exhaustion while building at such a dangerous rate. When it was ready, Ilse would take a morning ride of between 15 and 30 minutes, several times a week, while a full SS band played music for her.

Although she had already done more than enough to secure a place in any encyclopedia of warped murder, the weirdest part of Ilse's litany of sadism was yet to come. On one of her trips out and about among the inmates of Buchenwald, Ilse spotted something that fascinated her: Tattoos. Kurt Glass, a former inmate of the concentration camp who worked as a gardener at the Koch villa, remembered her fascination with body art. "One morning when the inmates were gathered for a roll call we were ordered to strip to the waist," he explained to the enquiry into how Buchenwald was run, "The ones who had interesting tattoos were brought to her, and she picked out the ones that she liked."

Although the tattooed selection were terrified to be chosen for random inspection by someone so feared, even they couldn't have imagined what Ilse was actually doing. She was deciding which ones she would like to have turned into household objects for the Koch home. During her time at Buchenwald, Ilse gathered a collection of recycled people. The Kochs had light switches made from dead prisoners' thumbs, and among Ilse's favourite possessions were her lampshade (which had a base made from a human tibia), a pair of gloves, and the pride of her collection: a human-skin handbag. Ilse was also fond of having the heads of dead prisoners shrunken to the size of a grapefruit and fixed in an attractive setting to make ghoulish ornaments for the Koch dinner table. Her husband was no better. Finding himself without a gold watch fob and wanting one more than anything, SS Standarten-fuhrer Koch ordered that any corpse with gold teeth was to have them removed and melted down to make his accessory.

Little wonder that a journalist reporting as part of a special intelligence team who compiled a report into Buchenwald said of Koch, "It is hard to know which characteristic of his was the most prominent: his sadism, his brutality, his perversity, or his corruption. There are countless incidents that could prove each."

Eventually, the consequences of Karl Koch's sexual appetite caught up with him when it was found that the money he had spent organising orgies wasn't his - it belonged to the Nazis. A full investigation found thousands of bottles of fine wine and luxury foodstuffs hidden in the cellar at the Koch home. He was arrested for fraud and embezzlement and executed by the Nazis just one week before the liberation of Buchenwald by Allied troops in April 1945.

Ilse was put on trial for her part in the crimes but originally served only four years because of a technicality that created a difficulty in classifying offences by one German against another as war crimes. During her first trial she gave evidence while visibly pregnant, despite having been kept in solitary confinement when the conception occurred.

Her second trial, this time in a German court, was in Augsburg in 1950-51, where she was charged with murdering 45 prisoners and being a willing accomplice in another 135 deaths at the camp. She denied everything and blamed her husband, accused everyone giving evidence against her of lying, and meekly protested that she was just a housewife and had no idea about any wrongdoing that might have occurred at the camp. She even tried to feign illness by pretending to suffer an epileptic fit, which she later confessed to a physician was nothing more than "a first-class comedy act". She was still feigning illness in her cell when she was sentenced to life imprisonment. On 1 September 1967, aged 61, Ilse hanged herself in her cell at Aichach Prison in Bavaria.[/quote:1gbojpjs]

more grisly info:

[quote:1gbojpjs]Ilse Koch, The Bitch of Buchenwald

The sadistic wife of SS Karl Koch, Commandant of Buchenwald, she accompanied her husband to his work in 1939. A powerful woman, she struck fear into the prisoners daily. She was fond of riding her horse around the camp, brutally whipping any prisoner who attracted her attention. A riding hall was especially constructed for her at the camp, costing a quarter million marks and the lives of many prisoners.

Ilse Koch was an infamous person in the camp. She would specially select prisoners with distinctive tattoos on her rides around the camp. These prisoners would be killed and their skin tanned and stored for later use by the SS guards. Frau Koch would then have the skin made into lampshades and other household articles.



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    Sometimes I think the board could use a tutorial forum.[/i:3tmxfp9p]

    That would only seem necessary if you decided to end your tenure as chief educator... :P[/quote:3tmxfp9p]

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    Stupid Question: How do you know this is fake? To be honest, the title of that book she allegedly read while in her teens on Nazis [i:3tmxfp9p]did[/i:3tmxfp9p] sound stupid, but so was the Nazis' justification for WWII...[/quote:3tmxfp9p]

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