Dave, take a look at this...

I'd like your opinion. The others too of course, but you're the absurdly frequent flyer around here, so...


  • I can't even reach that URL. I think the connection from AK to the lower 48 is a bit fucked today.
  • Ok now I can reach that URL.

    Looks like a good way to lose money.
  • I'm not planning on investing.

    I'm wondering what you think about the idea itself, which seems to be to step outside the traditional airline model.

    I know I was looking at booking a plane sometime in the past couple of years and i was willing to pay more for a genuine 1st class seat, but you can't buy what nobody is selling. 
  • Seems like they would need to take Amex out of the gate in order to capture any business travelers.
  • I think the concept is cool, though I didn't look far enough into it to see how it works. My suspicion with all these kinds of services is that since you're using a "jetpool" your fllght options are very limited. If not enough people are trying to get a jet from Denver to Philly, will I be able to get the flight I need? How will I know? What if that jet is down for service, as they often are? Where is their hub? Do they have sufficient pilot staff to cover mandatory flight time restrictions?

    As I think about it more, I would worry about small upstarts like this for another even scarier reason.

    In many commercial aviation disasters, the ultimate problem is untrained/undertrained pilots, due to rapid expansion of the business and an inability to hire good pilots fast enough to grow. There's a huge shortage of new commercial pilots right now, too.
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