I'm going to surround myself with the best people.



  • Well, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch were really big gets. I was hoping that we’d get more progress from the N Korean thing.

    I wish he’d shut his mouth (or his twittering).
  • I might very well be.

    I had just been giving him the benefit of the doubt since he was
    surrounding himself with solid picks, but they either end up
    getting fired or resigning after a short period.

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  • Pruning regs is nice, but just a band-aid.

    Putting the real power back in the hands of the Congress is better, constitutionally speaking.

    How do you stop Congress from ceding their power by giving the federal administrators the authority to "promulgate" every fucking whim they have?
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  • So can we stop federal administrators from TAKING that power? Unaccountable appointed administrators making law is bad for the Republic.
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  • That leads us back to Eric's thing, about only property owners and vets being eligible to vote.
  • The real problem is that the only way a republic like ours works is if the various parts of government want it to work. If some cop violates your rights by stealing your money during a traffic stop and the courts let him get away with it then effectively you have legal theft.
  • I liked Sessions until he became AG. His performance after that was abysmal. He should've been canned the moment he recused himself. The idea that he was conflicted while Mueller and Rosenstein weren't is preposterous.

    The real problem is the Left's Long March Through The Institutions. Full bore "McCarthyism" practiced only by one side was allowed for so long that even if the Right were to respond in kind now it would do no good. Until we have a way to reverse the damage, I hold out little hope that the ship can be righted.
  • You nailed it with the long march comment.

    But once they run the ship onto the rocks we can shoot the mutineers and repair the ship.
  • I’m going to surround myself with the best people and then I’m never going to listen to them, because I know better than a decorated Marine with nearly 50 years of defense service.

    I’m still bitter about Mattis.

    It’s okay to admit we were wrong about Trump.
  • A) They can both have valid but mutually exclusive viewpoints. Only one is the commander in chief.

    B) Mattis is a globalist. Trump is a Nationalist. Which begs the question; what exactly are you bitter ABOUT?

    C) Same question, if you believe you were wrong about Trump...
    What exactly were you wrong ABOUT?
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  • Mattis completely contradicted himself though. He said there was no military solution in the area, and then insisted the military stay? What's a President supposed to do with that sort of advice? Whatever he wants, IMO.
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  • Matt: A globalist, like Obama, thinks that the UN and the World Court should have sovereignty over the US. A nationalist, like Trump, accurately recognizes the UN and WC as immensely corrupt kleptocracies and tells them to pound sand (and further would not yield sovereignty even if they were competent organizations). A globalist believes in open borders, a nationalist believes in secure borders. Those are indeed substantive differences. Possibly the most important of our age.
  • GWB was and is definitely a globalist (open borders). I would not have been surprised if he had signed up for the ICC, and he might well have if the Left wasn't all screaming to use it to convict him personally.
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    Funny that we both see Romney's position as reinforcing our own.

    I'm quite happy with Trump's foreign policy so far.

    The only thing I remember Romney for is rolling over and playing dead during the 2012 debates. I firmly believe that both he and McCain deliberately threw the 2008 and 2012 elections to Obama. Uniparty cucks, both of them.
  • The last comment was for Eric.

    Yes, Mattis is USMC through and through, but he’s intelligent enough to see limitations
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