• My grandfather's army dress uniform sword hangs over a fireplace at my parents' house. Swords are a pretty ho-hum artifact to me.

    The ammo count thing is silly but the news people love to breathlessly report on it as if someone with a halfway respectable stock is planning a coup.
  • I bet they would call reloading supplies "bomb-making materials."
  • I'd have a vest if I was a judge. Hell, i've been considering getting one just on general principle.
  • I suppose it does make sense.
  • It’s a character flaw to allow base instincts to override logic.
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  • Tool, you don't have the first fucking clue. I actually learn things here, because I happen to know how to listen and acknowledge there are people with a lot more knowledge than me on a number of topics we cover here.

    If you'd stop prancing about being disdainful and pretending you know more than you do, maybe you'd learn a thing or two.

    But you won't, because you can't even be honest with yourself about your own limitations.
  • Why would she have let herself be physically vulnerable to him again?

    Supervised child transfers? Failure of the system?
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