Co worker & I had to drive to a few sites in PA & had a new Elantra rental.

The thing averaged 42.8 MPG for the entire trip & I rarely dropped below 80mph on I80
(That = 2600 RPM, btw)

It was well equipped in typical Korean car fashion.
Not a bad ride at all for an economy car, but the MPG surprised me.


  • Elantras have been decent cars for a couple of decades now.  I tried to get Mrs. Zuk one instead of her 2000 MKIV, but she wouldn't have it.

    Was this rental a turbo?  I looked at the Koreans last year and the pattern I discerned was that the elantra sized models either came with a really good 1.6 liter turbo that showed good efficiency, or a two liter mediocrity with 160-ish hp and low 20s in the city/low 30s on the highway.

    Getting decent efficiency with a Golf turbo takes a bit of restraint, and cold weather seems to cripple it.  I am 200 miles into a tank showing 45.6mpg with 400 miles to go.  Last month I had to drive to a court 35 miles away and showed 52.2mpg for the trip.  I think the computer lies.

    The Elantra GT is a nice car and gets a nice mileage rating with the good engine.  My only beef with it is that the price no longer shows a "This is a korean car" discount.
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    It's in the parking lot, so I'll take a look.

    They offer a 1.4 turbo that gets those kind of numbers, but this thing had no "eco" badges.

    6spd automatic

    I think the computers lie too.
  • crap

    It's gone.

    However, it was a standard 2.0 version with 6sp auto

    Best average I'v seen posted on line was 40, so I have to think the computer was optimistic.
  • Shit...
    Damn near everything I own gets 10mpg. My Pilot is the star of the show at 15mpg.
  • I guess you just don't love the planet enough.
  • ZedZed
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    I surprisingly got 26.6mpg on a tank of gas in my Colorado on a round trip to Asheville, NC (very hilly route through WNC).  Speed was typically 60-65mph.  My average on the 7k-8k I've put on it so far is in the 21-22mpg range.
  • nbody said:

    I guess you just don't love the planet enough.

    I am a 50 something, 300 pound diabetic with high blood pressure and temper issues.

    I probably only need the fucking thing to last another four or five months anyway.
  • I get 40 in the Focus with the 2.slow motor on the 5MT.
  • I'm at 28 in the ST since the weather has warmed.

    Being a lead foot doesn't help, but that guy in the Charger RT was taunting me.

    I mean what am I supposed to do?
  • Focus ST
  • This is the first car I've ever owned that has no ability to respond to taunting.  It's not completely gutless, it's just completely gutless compared to just about everything else out there.  I'm just glad I got the 5MT.
  • I test drove a 2 liter focus hatch in 2016, I think.  My girls found the back seat too small, but it seemed a good car overall.  If I thought the 2 liter would get 40, I wouldn't have looked around for the three cylinder.
  • I sometimes wonder what those Smart Cars get, real world.
  • I'm betting that it is ok around town, under 50mph, but miserable at I-71 speeds, 75-85mph.
  • I'm still amazed they don't do a front roll when the brakes are slammed.
  • I saw a pretty nice old beetle over the weekend.
  • Got a Lincoln MKT from Avis this week. It's alright, alright, alright.
  • Fancy.
  • What in the blue fuck happened to you people? 

    Seriously, we are having a discussion regarding fuel economy and Dave's in a Lincoln?

    You fuckers got old.

    The Hayoondai had the lane change warning, side mirror beep feature thing & apparently I pass too close because it beeped just about every time I would change lanes to pass someone.

  • Well the last two rentals were Dodge Charger RTs. Balance is restored.

  • You fuckers got old.
    Just sets us up better for a mid-life crisis car.  If I need to keep a crappy commuter car for the next 20 years I'll get some shouty toy, maybe even a wake boat.

  • You fuckers got old.
    Have I ever explained the miracle of compound interest to you?  Pull up a chair and have a Werther's.
  • Pepperidge Farm remembers......
  • 36mpg doing 80 on 90/271/71/270/70 in my 1.8T 5sp
  • Braggart
  • jennifer said:

    36mpg doing 80 on 90/271/71/270/70 in my 1.8T 5sp


    I just realized that not only do I know those roads, I even know which direction you were going. (NE to SW)

    Perhaps my feeling that I do way to much driving is more than a nagging suspicion...
  • Did you know... even numbered interstates are E/W... Higher numbers are in the North and decrease as you go southward.
    I-90 goes from Washington to Massachusetts
    I-80 goes from N.California to NJ
    I-70 goes from Utah to Maryland
    I-60 & I-50 don't exist... future expansion
    I-40 goes from S.California to North Carolina
    I-30 goes from Dallas to Arkansas
    I-20 goes from W.Texas to South Carolina
    I-10 goes from S.California to Florida

    Same deal for I-5 through I-95... except from West to East
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