• It's probably about 95% possible.
  • dgm said:

    It's probably about 95% possible.


    I can't think of any technology you would need to build those things that we don't already have in use.
  • Some of the AI and image recognition parts are a bit too crude yet.

  • I don't think so.

    You don't need real AI to do that, and if the facial recognition software finds the wrong target, that's just collateral damage.
  • ZedZed
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    3 grams of explosives sufficient?  Seems pretty light.  A penny weighs 3 grams.  Shaped charge... I suppose skulls aren't really that much of a deterrent.
  • 3 grams is almost 50 grains. 46.2 to be more precise, which is enough to charge my .50 muzzle loading pistol and more than twice as much as you would charge a replica such as an 1858 Remington 6-gun with.

    That’s also the same amount of flash powder as in an M-80, which will remove your dick beater pronto.

    In a drone I would probably use PETN with a piezoelectric igniter to raise the temp to 400F, by which point the PETN will have self-detonated.

    If it’s a shaped charge with a copper foil cone it could probably penetrate a few mm of aluminum, let alone a half inch of collagen and calcium carbonate.
  • Highly organized groups already have means to carry out unsolved homocides/"apparent suicides". The more dispersed sort have already learned how effective the common automobile and a knife, or stones thrown from overpasses, can be. Or for that matter, teaching children to throw themselves in front of a target's own car.

    See the "mentally ill" man who just the other day took a drive through an Australian crowd. And the entire Tamimi clan:
  • Reminds me of this video - 
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