MC vs. dam

I hope this is a lot of hype:

BUCKEYE LAKE - Draining Buckeye Lake, replacing the 4.1-mile Buckeye Lake dam and evacuating the 3,000 people within the "inundation zone" are all options being considered after the release of a report identifying serious problems with the dam.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report, released Wednesday, identified serious problems with the dam and significant risk to the public. It states a catastrophic dam failure would endanger the lives of about 3,000 people who live and work near the dam. The lake is roughly halfway between Columbus and Zanesville, just south of Interstate 70.

James Zehringer, director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, said the lake will remain open, but the lower, winter pool water levels will remain in place while decisions are made in the next couple weeks on a long-term course of action.

"This dam could breach at any time," Zehringer said. "It could be a sunny day. Draining the lake would be very catastrophic economically, but we're looking at public safety, No. 1. Draining it is the No. 1 way to ensure no breach."

The structural integrity of the dam has been significantly weakened by the more than 370 homes and other structures that have been sunk into the 4.1-mile earthen dam embankment, according to the report.

Portions of the dam have been dug away to accommodate pools and patios, utilities and drainage systems for the structures that are built into the dam, the report states.

"This has all weakened the dam and undermined its stability," Zehringer said of construction attached to the dam. "That certainly complicates the integrity of the dam. 

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  • It's bullshit power politics at the ODNR level. Then they went nuclear and roped in the Corp of Engineers, which is odd because Buckeye Lake isn't actually navigable in the sense that you can GO anywhere.

     The canal system that used to let you get to the Ohio river and even Lake Erie and eventually the Atlantic are all defunct.

    Also, they make it sound like it's hoover dam. Except it's not. Most of the lake is so shallow that if you fall overboard the SOP is to stand up. Plus, the flood area to the north is very wide.

    If you were in a house right on top of a dam breach you could possibly die by being crushed. Everyone else is just going to get wet.

    So how did YOU hear about this?
  • My Mom's from Zanesville.  I follow the TR on Facebook.  

    The only dam that I know about in the area is at Dillon Lake.  How do they compare?
  • I don't really know.

    I read the CoE report though...
    It is SERIOUSLY well written.

    Unless we can find a complete corrupt Judge, we're not going to get a stay.

    ODNR played this really well. The only question is WHO is the person driving this, because it's too well planned and played.
  • So will you be impacted?
  • "The structural integrity of the dam has been significantly weakened by
    the more than 370 homes and other structures that have been sunk into
    the 4.1-mile earthen dam embankment..."

    I don't quite follow that. In my experience sticking things in the dirt, like timber, or trees, or concrete, helps keep dirt in place. Speaking of which, you know what would really keep the embankment in place? Some of those massive carbon footprints foundations required for windmills.

    But then I suppose that of you wanted to build a whole lot of those, or something similar, the bed of a flat, shallow lake or its flat, wide flood-zone might be even better?
  • dgm said:

    So will you be impacted?

    EVERYONE will be impacted.

    But, my income isn't dependent on the lake.

  • Woyz,

    I have no idea if the report is the gods honest truth or complete bullshit. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter. It's so well written that we won't be able to get around ODNR by going to a judge and getting a stay.

    ODNR is going to dictate the resolution and we're going to suck it up and say "yes sir".

    If we want to lake that is. Because if they don't get what they want their not only going to leave the spillway open, they're going to drain the lake.
  • Who is it that holds power in the ODNR? I mean, like the one person who could count on getting away with this. Who is their connection at the Corp of Engineers? If the report is that well written, I would suspect it was in the hands of someone (at the CoE) close to whatever the scheme is. Someone who really cared. Personal to them, or personal to their immediate superior. Someone with something to gain, or someone with something to lose - possibly a skeleton in their closet. Though the latter-most doesn't usually encourage the kind of clear thinking that produces consistent and non-self-contradicting bullshit. (See Hillary's recent activities for an example.)
  • Actually, I think this is more one of those situations where somebody got tired of somebody else's shit.

    This whole dam thing has not been on my radar until very recently but apparently it's been going back-and-forth for years.

    Basically, the ODNR has been pushing for dam repairs for a long time and the rich fucks who live on the dam have been pushing back because they don't want to spend several tens of thousands of dollars dealing with their portion of it.

    They don't want any of their trees taken down, they don't want to have to replace their docks and they don't want to deal with all the general bullshit that goes along with it.

    So I'm thinking somebody who has been on the ODNR side for years finally said, "you know what? fuck you. you're fixing the dam."
  • Looks like Kasich has said the State will pay for it.
  • It also appears that we won't get anything more than winter pool, which means no summer boating season.
  • The Corps does the opposite down here, the leave Lake Allatoona (flowage) full most of the year, but drain it down to a little creek for the winter.
  • Hmm. Could you sue under the Takings Clause? :D
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