Sorry for being gone so long.  It has been a hard summer.

My Father In Law died at the end of August.  It was expected, my wife had time to say good-bye.  The people working at hospice were the kindest.

The hardest part was waiting.  It took over a month to schedule the burial at Sarasota National Cemetery.  I did a quick search and found there is a 4 month average wait for a burial at Arlington that go as far as 6 months.

Have the delays always been this long?  


  • No, but as space shrinks and demand grows its inevitable.

    My condolences on your loss.
  • Sorry for your loss. My father was in hospice less than 24 hours, but they were wonderful.
  • Sorry for your loss.

    Hospice employees require a special heart, don't they.
  • My condolences, as well as my hope that your wife is doing well.

    My FIL passed a couple of summers ago.  After I told his family to leave him alone for just one evening (they wanted my to force my way into his home in the Middle of the night to check on him), I admonished them to just let me check in the morning.  As luck would have it, when I did fing the fellow, he was stiff as a board.

    I was able to take of his estate so that they didn't have to deal with any of the details.  Being the outsider who takes some of the burden off family when they are stressed can help them fell that a matter is essentially settled.

    The rules on who does and doesn't go to Arlington aren't clear to me.  Maybe 10 years ago, my father received a letter asking him for forfeit his spot there (or right to a spot in future).  We don't live out there, so he didn't see a point to being there.

  • Sorry for your loss Veritas.  It took my parents over a year to settle my grandfather's estate and they were pretty well organized, I hope it goes better for you.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    My grandfather is interred at Arlington. This was back around 2004/2005 and it took about a month for him to get in. Quantico was available immediately but we opted for Arlington. He was cremated & the queue for burial was quite a bit longer as I recall. I remember the funeral director explaining that they try to distribute evenly between the military branches and servicemen who served during a conflict or have honors get priority. I imagine the process at Arlington slowed down quite a bit after the mislabeled grave scandal a few years ago.
  • Thanks for all the kind words. Sarasota National is beautiful:






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