Delay the 2020 election, Trump says

Ok lads, justify this one.


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    1. Not a great idea.

    2. Pretty sure he can't.

    3. Pretty sure this is a troll.

    And before you scoff at #3, I watched him do this numerous times in NYC when he was fighting with city hall about something they didn't want to let him do.


    Assuming I'm correct about #3, this is not some of that "3D Chess" nonsense. It drives me nuts when people say that. He's just playing a different game than the one politicians play because he's doing what has worked for him for decades.

    I don't know where he's trying to take the conversation by shaking it up like this.

    I DO know he's doing it because he's trying to get everyone's attention. I know this because that's what he did in NYC when he was dealing with politicians.

    Once he thinks he has the maximum number of people paying attention, we will find out why because he'll make his move. I would SUSPECT he'll do it at a press conference and my SUSPICION is that he's going to point out that we already have an absentee ballot system where you have to ASK for a ballot instead of ballots being mass mailed.
  • Nope.

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    Herman Cain (74) dies of Covid-19


    That sucks
  • He appears to be playing upon the fears of the least rational wing of the Democrats, in the hope of continuing to displace any news coverage of anything reasonable that the Democrats might say. Its pretty much the only way he can deal with a main stream media as corrupt as our is.

    The irony is that if the rioters/Black Flag savages get their way, they'll cause civil unrest in Nov. in an effort to make this come true, scaring people in major Democrat strongholds from voting. The Democrats will then find the silver lining in this when they lose, by pretending that it was Trump that suppressed their voters.
  • not going to happen.
  • "2.FOH." - Herman Cain (74) dies of Covid-19

    I heard about that too. The one article I read about it made sure to point out that it was just 5 weeks ago that he attended a Trump rally w/o a mask.

  • " Herman Cain (74) dies of Covid-19"

    *ultimate facepalm*
  • Who knows. Maybe he would have lived to 90.
  • ZedZed
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    Probably not, he'd been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, as well as a liver tumor. (which he underwent treatment for in 2006-2007.) He was pretty much on borrowed time already.
  • Several comorbidities + mass gathering - face covering = ___________


    Answer: Suicide?
  • No crap.
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