Seattle Police Chief to Residents... "You're on your own"


  • What in the actual fuck?

    The feds need to quit messing around, send in some APC's and start sorting this shit oyt.
  • That is basically BEGGING for vigilantism.
  • God Bless Texas....that's all I'm gonna say.
  • Washington State 2019: No one needs to buy an "assault weapon" or magazines holding more than 10 rounds. This isn't a frontier; we are modern people with professional police.

    Seattle 2020: Best of luck with rioting mobs.
  • "That is basically BEGGING for vigilantism."

    I agree that it's another step toward that. I'm less concerned with the Charles Bronson/Death Wish template of individual action than I am with organized action.

    There have been times and places in which rioters/protestors/insurgents becomes so troublesome that people resign themselves to the necessity of these people disappearing. That's degrades real law and demands of reliable evidence prior to sentencing because no one provides a better looking alternative. The more leash these rioter are given, the harder the reaction they invite.
  • The reaction is the goal.
  • President Trump won't roll tanks, it's exactly what the lunatics want for a Tianamen Square moment. Just like having fat white lesbian moms attacking the courthouse in Portland.
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