DJT's Rushmore speech

The extraordinary thing about it wasn't the speech itself, though it was quite good. Incredibly, news outlets have gone out of their ways to make their coverage so detached from the speech that they illustrate the thesis of the speech.

Rich Lowry was a DJT opponent. Lowry played a significant role in withholding a NR endorsement of Trump in the general. His piece on the false reporting on the speech is a fine example of someone who doesn't love DJT but can see the depravity of his enemies.

Babylon Bee makes Lowry's point with a smile: Op-Ed: Anyone Who Claims Cancel Culture Is Real Is A Bigot Who Should Lose His Job.


  • Every time I think "this is the time people will see how biased the press is because the reporting and reality are so far apart" I am reminded that no, no they won't.
  • I find myself continually amazed that most people don’t seem to realize that the news media is not in the business of providing news; nor have they ever been.
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