How's your blood pressure?

A bit low you say? No problemo.


  • So they committed a crime.

    On camera.


    That's impressive.
  • They should be put away on felony conviction of distributing narcotics.
  • Every defense attorney whose client was convicted in part based on the testimony of these two guys is probably drafting motions to vacate or reconsider. Let's just hope their governor doesn't make headlines for himself with overly broad pardons.
  • There may be a lot about prosecutorial misconduct I don't understand, but I'd think that "My witnesses planted the evidence" would be something the state has to disclose to the court.
  • Silly peasants. You think this is still a republic, don’t you?
  • Warning: Graphic
  • One thing's for sure, I'm glad I'm not a cop.

    Cops and schoolteachers, I can't think of tougher roles these days with what our society is putting on them.
  • All professions are made tougher when the person makes acts badly or makes bad decisions.
  • dgmdgm
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    Fuck those cops. That was a summary execution.


    OF COURSE it was the ABQ police. Fire that whole department into the sun.
  • I'm gonna needs a summary. Reddit gives me a migraine.
  • I want to know what happened that the cops came out in the first place.
  • ZedZed
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    Updated links including local new report.

    - Cops are called out for "suspicious activity" and report of a guy who has a warrant for arrest. (suspected panhandling)
    - Cops misidentify this fellow (Antonio Smith) as the fellow with the warrant and initiate interaction.
    - Even after handing over his ID to them, another officer comes behind Smith, bear hugs him and slams him to the ground, breaking his arm/wrist, and possibly ribs? Then it appears they have a call that the real suspect is in custody nearby. Oops.

  • The Tuckbot video is pretty bad, what started as a gentle hug turned into a completely over the top body slam.

    And I've never heard of Tuckbot but the homepage is strange -
    "Hi there, I'm Tucker!
    Thanks for the pets! I am 4 years old. My favorite thing to do is to suck on my toy ducks. I have a few ducks: medium ducks, small ducks, huge ducks, tiny ducks, yellow ducks, green ducks, purple ducks, orange ducks, slightly more yellow ducks...basically every kind of duck. And a few more. Here's a few pictures of me."
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    From the description posted on the video, this part is bullshit:

    " The responding officer approached the subject and advised him to place his hands behind his back. The subject did not and began to resist by pulling his arms forward and tensing his body. At this point, the responding officer used a physical control technique to place the subject on the ground so handcuffs could be applied. "

    The officer did not "approach and advise". He grabbed the guy from behind and then ordered him to put his hands behind his back. And he never identified himself and it's not clear from the video that the victim even saw the officer coming up from behind.
  • "...resist by pulling his arms forward and tensing his body."

  • No idea about the weird site. On Reddit it was offered as a mirror site for the video footage.

    I thought the same thing, 'bird. The guy wasn't asked to put his hands behind his back. It went from bearhug to body slam right quick by the officer that just walked up.
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