I've been getting a shit ton lately.

Anyone else?

Also, my phone automatically blocks a few, but I have to select "block" on a lot of them.
I can just set it to block unknown #s, but my fear is it'd block a call I was expecting.
Is there an app that improves things?

Galaxy phone


  • Yes. We don't answer unless we recognize the ID.
  • I typically get 1-2 calls a day on my home line and office line regarding:
    - extended warranty on a car I haven't had for 5 years
    - reduced interest rates on balances I don't carry.
    - payment plans for medical debts I don't have

    However, by far the most volume I get (and the most strange and annoying thing) is the calls & text messages I get from people offering to buy a property which I don't own in Decatur, GA. They always ask for Sherronda. Evidently Sherronda has listed my mobile number as the POC for the property on public records. I used to respond telling them they have a wrong number and try to figure out what list they're finding my number on. Now I just block & delete.
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    I'm getting the texts too.
    In the robo text world I am known as Alexus (Alexa's twin brother?)

    It appears I (Alexus) qualify for low income housing.
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    I've gotten more as I use my desk phone less and less. My cell used to be pretty clean but now it's showing up in more Salesforce databases, I suppose.
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