George Floyd



  • Man, I listened to most of his videos while driving today. That stuff is pure gold.

    His Doctor WHO interview is great, as is the 15 ways to spot fake police, and open letter to the authoritarian party.
  • "His Dr. WHO interview..."

  • "I'm going to choose one and only one of those people on whom to blame my tragic and utterly retarded death from fish bleach ingestion!"
  • "His Dr. WHO interview..."

    When he gets so angry he knocks a can over and reacts to the noise by telling the can he just knocked over to "SHUT UP!" Gold.

  • Wow that's weird. Imagine knowing they worked together and not thinking that could have had something to do with it.
  • I watched that full special show last night.
    1. That reporter's voice is painful to listen to.
    2. Apparently Floyd is an innocent angel.
    3. We had to stop watching when they got two experts on the show to tell white people how racist they are because -
    a. Unarmed black people are being shot while armed white people are being arrested.
    b. Black people are getting Covid more than white people.
    c. There is a wealth gap between black and white people.
    d. White people should be diagnosed with racism just like cancer.

    Here is the full vid -

    That said, the apparent truth that they knew each other makes the murder video way worse.
  • Probably just a coincidence. /sarcasm
  • "The first two Minneapolis police officers to arrive on the scene were Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng. It is almost suspiciously difficult to find pictures of them online, but judging from the two screencaps here, Lane looks to be a light-skinned black man and Kueng appears to be Asian. There’s no disputing that Tuo Thao, who showed up along with the unfortunately surnamed white officer Derek Chauvin after George Floyd was already handcuffed, is Asian. A brief search of his surname suggests it has a Thai or Cambodian origin. And Derek Chauvin—the white cop with the creepy glower who “took a knee” on George Floyd’s neck and kept it there long after Floyd was unconscious—was married to a Hmong refugee and beauty-pageant contestant; that is, until he was arrested for third-degree murder last week, whereupon she promptly filed divorce papers. But there was only one white cop out of the four—one and a half if you want to speculate about Thomas Lane’s mom—and the only 100% Caucasian one was married to an Asian. None of this has any meaning beyond making the “four racist white cops” narrative look stupid. Not that the narrative will be affected—it’s stupid to think it would."
  • Its amazing how frequently Taki mag publishes narrative-contrary details that I don't see anywhere else, including places like NRO.
  • "he had mistaken Floyd for another unnamed African-American employee."

    Is he saying they all look alike?

    Racist, imo.
  • Sounds like bullshit to me.
  • So, he had trouble breathing before anyone was on him and he expressed a preference to being on the ground rather than the back of the car.

    Conspicuously absent - any indicator of racial animus. Good thing we had riots over it before the facts emerged.
  • I'm more amazed at the difficulty had by some folks to obey simple commands.
  • ZedZed
    edited August 6
    You know what's really odd? posted it on YouTube on August 3.

    You can search Youtube for "George Floyd leaked body cam footage" and it doesn't show up in the top ten results even though it currently has 4.5M views. You know what video shows up as #1 & #2?
    CBS News posted August 4, partial video, supplemented with victim-hood commentary, currently with 251k views
    CNN posted August 5, partial video, again supplemented with victim-hood commentary, currently with 474k views.

    Almost 10x the views of the nearest video, and somehow isn't trending or hitting search results.

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