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  • When I was an EMT, we got a lot of calls from police who were dealing with whatever medical issues some suspect had.

    Once you have a suspect in custody, if they report medical issues, it's your moral and legal obligation to deal with it.

    I don't see malicious intent when I watch the infamous video. I see indifference.
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    I buy the idea that he didn't set out to murder a man on camera.

    I have some difficulty in sifting the indifference from the malice. The average PO is going to be of above average physical stature, range from a bit below to a bit above average intelligence, and is a bureaucrat with well honed abilities for a narrow range of scenarios, i.e. writing tickets and reports, attempting to assert control verbally, and applying force to gain compliance.

    They are like public school teachers in that the better educated good ones make better money and work in better places, and the worse and more poorly trained ones end up in worse places and make less money, i.e. cash strapped cities with troubled populations. A teacher who fails in his duty to teach after 20 years of frustration and failure may not act out of malice, but he has to know that he inflicts a harm.

    A city cop who write false tickets, lies about probable cause every time he takes the stand, makes sure you get to the station with some kind of injury and beats people he thinks need it may not be operating out of any kind of malice. He may be as tired of filth he swims in at work as people are of him and just does what he "needs to do" to get along.

    He may be the biggest monkey in the monkey house and know that he needs to demonstrate his simian dominance by kneeling on someone where is has no benign explanation, or he'll lose the tire swing.

    This PO may have had a reason for his actions, or just been distracted into negligence by the specter of a crowd he thought might be closing on him at any moment. It's possible, but it's hard not to see a malice in the decision to become indifferent in the application of deadly force to the people he polices.
  • After watching a few vids this morning, it appears this incident has pulled the pin on white-ish skateboarders to destroy the nation.

    I also saw videos of a guy with a sword, a guy with a bow and arrow and even looters stealing a FedEx semi-truck and running people over.
  • The world was already a powder keg waiting for something like this to spark it off. I'm not saying we're entering the "boogaloo" or whatever that is about, but tensions were already heightened and neither side has reacted well. We don't need cops shoving 95 pound girls to the ground and shooting at news reporters just like we don't need looters destroying their neighborhoods and trying to pull people out of their cars. So many seem bent on escelation without a thought of how their actions are hurting their message. So many are also extremely resistant to the idea you can condemn police brutality and violent and destructive riots at the same time.

    The media as usual isn't doing anything but fan the flames either. In 24 hours we went from "mostly peaceful protesters" to "infiltrating white supremicists are the ones causing the problems". The mayor of Milwaukee claims most of the arrests were from out of state which appears to be untrue. These people are automatically assumed to be white supremicists but simultaniously celebs are paying for their bail. There's a serious disconnect there.

    On top of it all social distancing and covid seem like distant memories.
  • This hits close to home... The PO knocking down an old fellas who's just observing.
  • ... and shooting people who are standing on their own front porch?
  • In Seattle a private security guard for one of the tv stations pulled his gun and disarmed a rioter who had a stolen AR-15 from a burning cop car. Good shit.
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    “shooting people who are standing on their own front porch?”

    Not getting a lot of sympathy from me on that one. I’m reminded of Robert Jordan writing one of his male characters describing several of his female characters as the sort of women who “would climb a tree to get a better look at the lightning”.

    In other news:
  • "Links to that"

    That man moved very quickly.
  • "Not getting alot of sympathy from me on that one"

    I'll bite.

    "Light 'em up" ?

    This isn't Fallujah. This is suburb USA.
    Who ever called that bullshit should be bitch slapped into next week.
  • Since when is being stupid just cause for getting shot at? Residents standing on their own porch peacefully observing goings on in a public street justifies escalation of use of force? Sounds like justification because of "contempt of cop", and is unmitigated bullshit.
  • There was no legal authorization for that assault by the police on people peaceably sitting on their porch.
  • I'm sorry she got shot but I'm grateful it produced this fantastic line -
    "Right on the f’ing crotch"

    In tragedy there is hilarity.
  • I realized about a decade ago that we were not going to be able to get our house in order fiscally without a major change in govt or behavior. Basically a shifting of Federal revenue from individuals to the States, or an Article V convention.

    In other words, we were effectively beyond the event horizon and without a change in the rules so to speak, there was only one inevitable outcome.

    At that point it became a waiting game to see what would actually push us into criticality.

    I have an unpleasant suspicion that we are finding out, perfect storm style.
  • This is why I hate people.

    The mayor has issued a curfew that doesn’t expire until Tuesday night. To get into the office, I had to navigate a couple of please barricades and speak with the traffic cops to go in the direction I needed. Once past the barricades, the only other cars I saw were unmarked cars filled with cops, and the only other pedestrians were a local news crew.

    I actually have things I need to do today for matter on which I worked this weekend. I’ve told the remnants of the office not to try to come in.
  • FFWD 3:30

  • Wow. That driver's side window was great.
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    Good ole Frank Jackson
    He's been pretty invisible during the covid thing.
  • Its very strange how the normal practice of suspending policemen seems to have been replaced with immediate firings. I'd like to hear the reasoning behind that shift in policy. Is it supposed to placate angry mobs, and will it have the unintended consequence of encouraging rushes to judgment?

    The paint ball fascist parade was insane. Even before a bunch of people dressed like LEOs assaulted people for no apparent reason, they were marching down a residential street in an apparent show of force. That's not policing. Who ever decided that march was a good idea probably shouldn't be in any police department's chain of command. That display of force and assault on law abiding citizens could easily have encouraged someone to open fire on that column in self defense. Maybe there's some context missing from the video that makes that less absurd, but I'm having trouble imagining it.
  • If, as some have said, the people on the porch were armed or threatening the police in some apparent way, I think we all know it wouldn't have been paint that got splattered.
  • Today, kids, we learn about 'enfilade' and 'defilade'.
  • I had to look that up. Seems like... common sense?
  • Interesting image of a cop with what looks like a suppressed AR:

    What the heck is that for in routine policing, traffic control, or a riot?
  • I'd guess it's a SWAT toy. You'd hate to have worker's comp payouts for hearing loss from all those no-knock raids.
  • Rubber rounds perhaps?
  • There is a rubber bullet tear gas cannister gun, but also an AR and suppressor to the left.

    I'm not suggesting that I know everything about police work, but a fair bit of what we are seeing over the last couple of days seems accurately represented by Milgram experiments and Super Troopers.
  • This would be a good time to keep in mind that if you think you might find yourself engaged in an activity that might be problematic it is usually wise not to speak of it publicly.
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