I get a call from my firm's bank.

"I just want to confirm some personal information! OK. Cool"

"Now I need to send a code to your mobile number"

Don't have one. You can't

"You don't have a cell phone?"

No. Send it to my email.

"I'll have to call you back."

You can send a number to my email. That's what the other bank does.

"This has never happened before. I'm going to have to check with someone and call you back."


"Does your wife have a cell phone?"


"That's great! I'll send her the code."

She won't know what it is.

"You can call her and let her know it's coming!"

No, I can't. I don't call people on cell phones. Want me to go to the bank. It's five minutes away.

"You could go to the bank and sign, but that will slow things down."

Send it to my partner you just spoke to. She has a cell phone.

"It can't be her. I already sent her her code on that number."

So it can be anyone else with a phone to which you can send a text?



  • JFC
  • You should have seen the argument I had trying to get a $3.00 double whopper today.
  • I recently refinanced and the lender wanted me to bring a check to closing. I don't have a checkbook,sorry. So i do a wire transfer and Capital One adds a $30 convenience fee! BITCH! It ain't THAT convenient!! Plus they don't allow cents, so i had round up to the nearest dollar, which resulted in the lender cutting me a check for a .09 overage.
  • That'll be a .25 deposit fee.
  • It aggravates me when I write a check to an employee and my bank wants to charge him an $8 fee.
  • Is this that because *you* are the “employee”?
  • No, it’s because it’s my fucking bank and if I cut someone a check they should be able to walk in and cash it with no fee.

    This has been a pet peeve of mine for centuries now.
  • I can't tell if these stories are true or something clipped from the Readers Digest.

    Zuk doesn't have a cell phone?
  • More than a decade ago I had a flat and couldn't find a working pay phone, so I keep an old one in my car. I don't use it, have never texted anyone or knowingly received a text, and don't know the number.
  • How do you know the phone even works?
  • If I hit the red button, it shows a little battery with four or five bars.

    I guess I shouldn't say I never use it. If I've been out of the house all day and stop at Costco on then way home, I've called from the parking lot to see whether I should bring home a pizza.

    My girls have the kind of cell phone with a glass screen, but they never call their friends. They text.
  • When the world was normal, my daughter would do Facetime study groups.
  • How do you know what time it is?
  • Ha! I just talked one of my daughters into wearing a wristwatch.
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