• IMO such executive power should be limited to situations where the legislature is unable to act.
  • The logic of the laws at play in the Michigan suit against Whitmer is similar. There, the law allows an exec a 30 day emergency order, but no extensions. Whitmer has extended hers.

    DeWine is playing a shell game of sorts by dangling re-opening dates to keep people from stoning him to death, then reneging on or false describing his renewals of the house arrest orders. He says he will veto these limits if they reach his desk, but I don't know what public sentiment will be when that happens. If he follows his invertebrate pattern, he will do whatever makes him look best in media coverage at that time.
  • “We should not attack a woman just because she is exerting the power the legislature gave to her,” Sykes said.

    Oh, shut the fuck up.
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    Dr Amy Acton, known locally as Amy Ovary Acton.
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