Canada Assault Weapon Ban passed.

Very specific list of arms now banned.

A 2 year amnesty period included for current owners to comply.

"Canada has one of the highest per capita gun ownership rates in the world, at an estimated 34.7 firearms per 100 people, according to the Small Arms Survey in 2018. " - Those are rookie numbers.

"The country still trails far behind the US, which has close to 120 guns per 100 people."


  • One of the facets of understanding some Canadian restrictions is that they may be province specific.

    One youtube gun reviewer did a spot with some Canadians at the range. They had some SBRs without any special permit, which the reviewer found very permissive when compared to the US. The Canadians noted that they are allowed to possess them, and take them to and from a designated range, and nothing else.

    Trudeau merits contempt.
  • Fucking fascists
  • It's not like he could hit anything. /stormtrooper humor.

    Also, why is the new thing for outrage videos to have a woman hysterically crying?
  • Creates more outrage.
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