California violation of civil liberties halted

Court grants an injunction against California's ammunition purchase law.

"The experiment has been tried. The casualties have been counted.
California’s new ammunition background check law misfires and the Second
Amendment rights of California citizens have been gravely injured. In this action,
Plaintiffs seek a preliminary injunction enjoining California’s onerous and
convoluted new laws requiring ammunition purchase background checks and
implementing ammunition anti-importation laws. For the reasons that follow, the
motion for preliminary injunction is granted. "



  • It's almost as if the law was intended to be unduly burdensome.
  • ... and re-enacted. An immediate administrative stay has been granted by the 9th Circuit
  • One of the tests for the injunctive relief that kept CA from enforcing this initially was a high probability that the challenge would see success. The stay of that injunctive relief is an ordinary feature of an appeal.
  • Suppliers seemed to notice the injunction and put up notices to their non-CA customers that they might see delays as the suppliers focused on prioritizing deliveries to CA. I wonder how many orders were filled/shipped over those three days. That might wind up being an interesting stat to compare to the numbers in Benitez's decision.
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