Good Firing Line episode

If you are bored enough. I grew up watching this every week. Not every episode was interesting. I found this one very good.

Fun bits:



  • Interesting. I watched a lot of Firing Line and MacNeil/Lehrer as a kid.
  • Sometimes he would get an author or political guest who was just a bad interview and was pretty boring for a seven or eight year old, and as he aged he became frustratingly mild. I do prefer the old stuff.
  • LOL.

    "Don't explain the meaning of words. I'm quite good at that too. *evil grin*"
  • What kind of moron would say that "bias" means without judgement?

    This part of the problem with labour; their mythology is about the virtues of working class idiots (apologies 'tool) so they actively ape idiocy. Then she weirdly mimics a school marmish unpleasantness. It's quite a performance.
  • I watched way more of that than I thought I would. The droning britishness is numbing.
  • People think WFB has an English accent, but that isnt' apparent when he is speaking to English people. It's something close to a southeastern US accent.
  • I always took his accent as bit of North Eastern Brahman, so I looked up where he was born and raised. Born in NYC to a Nawlins mother and a Texas Awlman. Lived in Mexico, CT, and went to school in Paris. The only thing I can figure is that he grew up with and around those with money learned to talk like them.
  • He was old enough to have had the “Mid-Atlantic” accent schooled into him.
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    Firing Line, Margaret Thatcher in 1975. The contrast to Ms. Lester above, is stark.

  • She dressed like she is going to a Canadian wedding after the show.
  • I don't get the joke
  • It looks almost like denim.
  • Ah... If you had said Indiana wedding, I probably would have gotten it.
  • Here is one on Islam and communism. Had it been up when Vagrant was here it would have been interesting to have his thoughts on it.

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