NPR, continued

Continued from whichever was my last post about NPR.

This morning it featured a piece by Steve Walsh.

It's largely unremarkable except for the assertion that the "OK" gesture is now the equivalent of a racist secret handshake. Was n't this all debunked during the Kavanaugh hearings when the Mexican girl behind Kavanaugh was accused of sending a "white power" signal?

When even the SPLC admit that the gesture as racist signal was a hoax, what'sthe excuse for a lazy MOrning Edition report repeating the hoax?


  • Remember when a US Army officer went full jihad on US military personnel at a US military base on US soil? Or when a US soldier took to tossing grenades at encamped US soldiers in Afghanistan?

    This focus on the “threat” of white supremacy in the military smells an awful lot like the British focus on selective policing of Twitter accounts rather than, say, gangs of rapists, sexual harassers, machete-wielders, and child-groomers.
  • I don't really doubt that there are some "Watt Par" guys in service, just as I don't doubt that some kid has the stars and bars on his truck as a matter of regional pride. As well, people in service don't have the full compliment of rights, so regulating their speech seems within the rules.

    I am a bit baffled at how someone that lazy can get a story onto a national radio program.

    Walsh also decried the lack of AAs in higher ranks of the officer corps. The implication was that the officers are therefore white. However the Marine Corps has over-represented Hispanics for quite a while. Walsh wonders what a corporal who is never to be commanded by a person of his own race is to think.

    I am not sure that corporal's biggest worry is his sgt's race, and there was no evidence presented that there is a paucity of racial minorities amongst NCOs.
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