• You can’t have a vaccine for the common cold because the common cold isn’t a single virus.

    You CAN usually engineer a vaccine for pretty much any individual virus; we just haven’t figured out how to engineer vaccines for entire virus families.
  • That's kind of what I was getting at in my reply. It would really be a new vaccine developed each year, much like how we do with the flu. However colds aren't usually deadly so engineering vaccines for them every year probably isn't something drug companies are interested in doing, or something most people aren't interested in taking.
  • It feels a little post-9/11. I've been pretty busy on calls and grinding away at my computer (aside from the occasional post here). I looked outside and realized that we're well into Spring and it's beautiful. So I grabbed my dog and took her on a 20 minute walk. There are a lot more people out and about doing much of the same thing. But the skies are quiet and there's not as much traffic on the road. Very surreal...
  • Same thing around here, it's great. Went for a run with the wife yesterday and the vibe was quietly peaceful yet a little spooky.
  • Same here, Bird. I am starting week 3 after a promotion and been in my downstairs lair on back-to-back calls for the past few days. I am taking some liberty tomorrow afternoon to enjoy the day.
  • I'll be working from home Starting tomorrow for the rest of the week.

    Should I wear pajama pants?
    Maybe pair it with a bath robe?
  • People are lucky if I bother to put on gym shorts. I have lots of video conferences in boxers and a tee-shirt.
  • If you ever wonder why I hate you people so much, that's why.

    See you at the oriface.
  • We had our first big online meeting and were asked to use videoconferencing. I wore a suit and tie on top and pajama pants below just to mess with people. Everyone else was casual.
  • “If you ever wonder why I hate you people so much, that's why.”

    You needed an excuse?
  • Casual, but now at the office. Black turtleneck and denim. I'm like Steve Jobs without the success and cancer.
  • I couldn't make up my mind so I went with a house dress.

    I may switch it up later.

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    2.FOH said: "I couldn't make up my mind so I went with a house dress.

    I may switch it up later."
  • Dealing with a possible exposure in my office now. Someone on my team.
  • Gah!

    Good luck man.
  • Glad I stocked up on ammo a while back.
  • ZedZed
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    Yeah, SGAmmo has stopped taking orders till they get caught up. I've never seen that before.
  • Does this mean that my Tito's and Tonic is medicinal? Does the cost offset my deductible? Is it tax exempt? Can I use my HSA at the liquor store?
  • ^^^That sounds way too easy.
  • My cousin in Germany contracted COVID-19 at a ski resort in Austria along with a bunch of other folks. According to my aunt, they knew someone working there was infected and stayed open anyway.

    Fortunately he seems to be doing well and has mild symptoms.
  • So I"m repeatedly seeing reports that, at least in the US, you won't be tested for it unless you are having difficulty breathing.
    Is it the same in Europe? What were your cousins symptoms? What is the course of treatment he is receiving?
    Hope he recovers quickly.
  • I don't have details. This is all from my aunt, over instagram DMs.
  • The potential event at my office was a nothingburger.

    I want to see an accurate infection trend for the US, but if testing is still being hampered, it probably won't mean anything. Even the WSJ is criticizing the CDC for the lack of aggressive testing when the outbreak occurred here. That's in comparison to how quickly the ROK jumped on it over there.
  • Good to hear, Chris
  • I'm not sure if it's fair to compare Korea to the US, the scales and densities are completely different. ~20% of their population lives in one city and their total landmass is 1% of ours.
  • BTW, here is an anecdotal freakonomic for you. I live on a lake (Lanier) that's a big tourist spot. During the week, if I'm home, I'll usually see one or two bass fisherman putting around. This week the cove I'm on is almost as full as a summer weekend and the campground across the way has every spot occupied. Further, my wife went to Blue Ridge, GA recently and while that town is usually a sleepy 2nd home summer/fall spot it was packed.

    Strange times...
  • The difference between the two countries has as much to do with how aggressive the response. I think Trump was getting bad advice in the beginning about the seriousness of the issue.

    That very last stat is a bit more concerning...

    "Among 508 (12%) patients known to have been hospitalized, 9% were aged ≥85 years, 26% were aged 65–84 years, 17% were aged 55–64 years, 18% were 45–54 years, and 20% were aged 20–44 years."
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