What, if anything, are you doing to prepare or protect yourself?


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    After jogging, I disinfect my gut with vodka.

    If a person has a normal immune system, is the chinese flu of the moment really a big deal?
  • Zuki - I do the same thing. Well, except for the jogging.
  • I am not doing anything outside of what I would normally do for cold/flu season. Wash my hands well and keep them away from my nose and eyes. My wife holds a fairly significant position at the local medical center and their biggest concern revolves around the disruptions of the supply chain and a limited supply of personal protection items like masks, gloves, gowns and other similar products.

    From all I have read, the deaths associated with this latest "pandemic" are almost entirely in elderly populations with other health complications.
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    Hurricane season is going to start soon. I'll prep a bit for that. Gasoline, water, canned goods, rice, pasta and flour.
  • I’m not doing a goddamn thing.
  • It's funny, 2 days ago I put a pack of 50 surgical masks in my Amazon cart, but didn't buy them.
    They're now sold out, as is just about every other vendor.

    I got sick after my LA trip.
    Body aches, fever, sinus issues, coughing, 103 temp. Lasted a few days.
    Was sitting in the terminal & knew I was screwed. Full flight and 2-3 dozen people coughing, hacking....

    So yeah, wash your hands.

    oh & drink Gatorade Stolichnaya Edition after a run.

  • Just had 2 cases reported here in ATL. 2 folks in the same household, one of whom just returned from a trip to northern Italy. Hmph, maybe this is the beginning of The Walking Dead.
  • The fatality numbers don't get too scary until you hit the 60+ age group.

  • "The fatality numbers don't get too scary until you hit the 60+ age group."

    Sorry, Zed.
  • Fastest post by Matt

  • Fatality rates are a bit higher than originally thought; 3.2% vs 2%. The common flu is 1%. I guess the difference is a lack of understanding how the virus transmits.
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    3.2% is actually quite high. 3% is the boundary line at which point the CDC considers it a serious problem.

    That said, it’s probably much lower than that because we are missing the statistics on the people who are either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.

    I’ve heard several doctors comment that the actual mortality rate is probably around 1% or lower, but we won’t really know until we can do a better job of collecting the information behind the statistics.

    EXIT: apparently, 80% of the people who get the coronavirus recover on their own without any medical intervention.
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    2.Foh wrote
    "I got sick after my LA trip.
    Body aches, fever, sinus issues, coughing, 103 temp. Lasted a few days.
    Was sitting in the terminal & knew I was screwed. Full flight and 2-3 dozen people coughing, hacking...."

    When I see stories like this I wonder if it was actually Corona. It's only logical that it's spreading more than just the reported cases.

    I've done nothing but try to avoid human contact and wash my hands more. The challenge is that I hate fist bumping and it's very difficult to break the habit of shaking hands. The bumping elbows move is even stranger but it does feel a little whimsical.

    My wife on the other hand bought enough toilet paper to last through the apocalypse. I don't know why this is a thing but she fell for it.

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  • Oh good, my post has covid. I can't see it.
  • Fixed - just don't put any html in the messages or it fucks things up. Stupid php upgrade on the server.
  • I'd love to use this as an excuse to never shake a hand again.
  • We had in-person meetings with two partners from our Indian off-shore resource today. Their travel schedule for the last two weeks read like a rock band on tour; NY, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Miami, Houston, Kansas City, etc... Several more. They told us all of this and I was like, "Why did I just shake your fucking hands?".
  • Gah! Don't they wipe their ass with their bare hand anyhow?

    JIMP - I wondered about that too.
    I quarantined myself to the basement till it cleared up.
  • 1 death in California & the governor declares a state of emergency?
  • California is the state that thinks everything gives you cancer.
  • You always have to respect disease’s ability to cause serious damage, just like you have to respect the ocean if you want to swim in it or sale on it.

    That being said, there’s definitely been more than a little manufactured hysteria about this.

    This is basically just a cold virus.
    From everything I’ve seen it appears that the primary danger is secondary infections, specifically respiratory tract infections.
    Apparently the people who are dying are mostly those who got an upper respiratory tract infection that became a lower respiratory tract infection and pneumonia.

    Even in China, which is a total shit show where the pollution makes Los Angeles look clean and everyone smokes like they’re trying out for a part on Mad Men; the disruption to their economy was more about timing then about the disease itself.

    I haven’t really looked into it deeply but from what I gather a lot of factory workers had gone back to the villages in the countryside where they come from because of some type of holiday. I’m not sure of the details but it seems like they idle the factories and send everybody home for a vacation once or twice a year and then everyone comes back and the factory goes back into production.

    The virus does still have a pretty impressive transmission rate although I’m not sure it’s all that much different from all the other cold viruses in that regard, and there’s always a danger it could mutate into something more deadly. Still, it is starting to look like much Ado about nothing.
  • Slate is a garbage publication that is agenda driven in everything I've ever read from them. If they say there is nothing to worry about I'm reconsidering my lack of concern over this.
  • ZedZed
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    This morning they've (WSB Radio) reported that there are now 2 identified strains. -L and -S. -L strain is allegedly more aggressive.
  • Chinese material engineering of note:
  • Yep. They can build a hospital in ten days, but it will fall apart in 32 days like the chinese bluetooth headset you got for $7 on Amazon.
  • So I did a little prepping this weekend. Food and cleaning supplies. Again, more hurricane preparedness - just earlier than usual. I don't have 90 days worth of supplies. We have enough to be good for about 2 weeks of easy meals. I'll load up on gasoline and test fire the generator in another month or so.

    As long as the NG lines stay operational (they're considered a UPS), I should be good on water (in case I have to boil again). I have several days of bottled water and a Water Bob for the bathtub, if not.

    I need ammo for the .40 and my 12g. Should I bother with the Moisin Nagant? I think that's 7.62x54. I've never even removed the cosmoline, let alone shot it.
  • You should have ammo for every firearm you own, just on principle.

    Is the mosin a museum piece or what? Clean it up and shoot it! They're an absolute hoot.

    The fireball those things create when you shoot is impressive and probably would dissuade most rational folks who saw it from coming any close.
  • It's interesting how the Bernie Bros are making a play of this for his campaign. The working person doesn't get sick days and won't go to the hospital because it's too expensive. Ergo, Bernie and universal healthcare is the only answer.
  • dgm - No, it's not a museum piece. Just a gift from my uncle from a few years ago. It has a SAKO stamp dated 1942. I wonder if a Finnish soldier used it to kill any Russians during WW2. There's an outdoor rifle range I could take it to. It would be interesting to see how it shoots compared to my buddy's M1.
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