I’m so proud of myself!

Apparently, I have literally been targeted for Facebook attacks by some unknown group of...

Well, let’s be honest... Commies.

I haven’t been this proud of myself since I won some silly medal for being really good at blowing shit up.

Which, come to think of it… Is not all that different from this.


  • Ooooh, do tell. Can you share any links?
  • This one guy, who educated me about how little I knew about Marxism, had to ask me who Gentile was. He said that all he could find on the internet was that it was Jewish slang for Christians.

    You really can’t make this stuff up.

  • That thread was a hoot
  • Oh, also...I'm apparently a self-hating Jew.

    Because when I say "Marxism", I mean "Jew".

    and because Trump.
  • Wow, they really brought the logic.
  • "Because when I say "Marxism", I mean "Jew"."

    Sounds fair. Remember when we said "socialist" under BHO we meant "black".

    This might worth signing up to FB for.
  • If you are a self hating jew for opposing Marxism, what does that make Sanders, who condemns Israel for ethnic bigotry?
  • A jew-hating self?
  • It makes him a dumbass Commie.
  • I don't remember your father's national origin, but you aren't the only person on the board with a euro parent. If your family has been here for a couple of centuries, an ethnic identity can be complex, at least nominally.

    Jews take that complexity to another level, and live in a crazy world of ethnic ambiguity that I find pretty entertaining. When the big topic of debate within a group is "Who is a jew?", the argument is bound to be loud. I have a few clients who wouldn't consider Sanders a jew at all.

    I've heard the german attitude that there are "real" germans, then pale images of a germans one finds in Austria. Pressed, that attitude can come down to very specific regions of Germany as the home of real germans. The English handle their linguistic diversity in a hierarchic way, but they don't deny that incomprehensible labor party voters are actually English.

    But nobody lives in an endless scrum of an identity argument like jews.
  • Real Germans come from Bayern. Everyone else is pretending. :P
  • My father attended gymnansium in Frankfurt in the fall of '45. His best friend was the only german lad in the school. He went native pretty quickly, being forced to come home by his parents five years later. When I was very young, he could sit and converse with a german for about 10 minutes and figure out where he grew up from the accent he used.

    His line was that a fairly specific Bonn/Berlin form of german was the correct german -- too far north and it "degraded" into virtual nederlander - too far south and the language and culture were diluted, and that what Volga germans spoke wasn't intelligible as german. I think it is like an English speaker maintaining that BBC/RP English is the only real English, an opinion that could be forgiven in a teen, but isn't a serious linguistic proposition. It would be like you and me concluding that people from Tennessee aren't really americans because they drop their "g"s incessantly.

    I didn't enjoy his strong opinion on this as I tried to learn german in college. I'd like to blame my dropping german classes on an exterior consideration, but the truth is that I wasn't much good at it.
  • Nein! Echte Deutsche komme aus Bayern!

    I kid, but no really, the German Culture you see on TV (television) is largely based on Bavarian culture. Oktoberfest, beer, lederhosen, ommpah music, etc.

    Unless you consider drab techno music and ugly Bauhaus buildings culture, in which case, sure, Berlin is the cultural center of Germany. :P

    But as you rightly point out, this is not much different than the north vs south cultural conflict we see here in the US.

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    Which regional culture is responsible for David Hasselhoff? I am primed to dislike that one.

    Gabriele Kerner looked good enough 40 years ago, but that doesn't atone for the Hoff.
  • dgmdgm
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    "Which regional culture is responsible for David Hasselhoff?"


    But since it was his Berlin wall show that popularized him there, I blame the Berliners.
  • "But nobody lives in an endless scrum of an identity argument like Jews."

    Blacks do. They break themselves down into more sub-categories of skin tone than the KKK did; and don't get a Black woman started on the subject of "Good Hair".
  • Oh, and I break Jews down into two categories: Seinfeld Jews and Entebbe Jews.
  • "But as you rightly point out, this is not much different than the north vs south cultural conflict we see here in the US."

    I'm not so sure about that.

    They have about a millennium of fucked-up Euro history between Charlemagne and Wilhelm I.
  • Actually, once shorn of shallow political rhetoric, I find American blacks pretty straightforward socially. They and the irish aren't ethnic like poles, Italians, greeks, various slavs, etc. Their social models are WASPs, and the way they divide internally mirror southern WASP culture.

    I have clients who aren't Larry David jews or Entebbe jews. They know Larry David isn't a jew because they never see him at synagogue, but they can't be Entebbe jews because they can't find the right plates and they'd have to walk there. (Though like Larry David, they don't see yelling as an unusual form of communication.)

    "They have about a millennium of fucked-up Euro history between Charlemagne and Wilhelm I. " Starting at about 400 AD, they've like a political Lennie that crushes whatever they love.

    The process of synching up a single language to a national identity is interesting to me. I reflexively think of languages as individual stand alone categories, but that isn't really how they've worked in a lot of places. Particularly in the Greco-Slavic realm, language looks more like a continuum. You understand your neighbor best, but people on different ends of a language continuum may have great difficulty conversing despite both speaking the same language nominally. Metro-French isn't the historical language of most people in northern France, but it is the only thing we are taught in school as "French".

    The different shades of german are even more remarkable given that this is centuries after Luther is credited for having standardized it. If you have rumantsch in Switzerland and low german dialects up north, before radio you might have had a continuum the span of which is greater than that between Spanish and Italian.
  • I was referring to the internal racial politics of Black culture.
  • That's hard for me because I, you know, don't see color.
  • Montréal French is more like old French, and it's really hard to understand. I learned Parisian French in school but do business in Montréal and it's frustrating.
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