Really need to hit that next level this year

I’ve really got to finally manage to expand this year. This thing isn’t really going to be viable if I can’t manage to put another unit out in the field and get some more work throughout the year.

I was hitting a conversion rate of 50% in January and I’m at 40% right now, though the month is over. I expected to even out to about 40% over the course of the year.

I really need to get away from this seasonal shit though because in part of the year I can’t keep up with demand and in the other part of the year the calls drop off dramatically.

I would really like to get a second unit set up just north of Mansfield along the I-71 Corridor, probably around Ashland. that would put Sandusky, the western and southern suburbs of Cleveland and all of Akron canton within a 50 mile radius. I’m just not sure how to get there.

I’ve pushed the advertising further north, mainly Google ads, now I just have to see if it produces for me.

And I really need to find somebody to put in that Kenworth on a full-time basis.

The thing that’s really aggravating is that like a lot of things I need everything to happen before everything else as possible.

OK, griping is done.


  • Is there any way to overcome the seasonal nature of the work? Seems like you can't actually DO a lot of this work in the winter.
  • Actually we can. It’s more complex than just winter spring summer fall.

  • Is it a matter of changing perception then? People don't think about getting earthworks done during the winter, because it's winter?
  • So you need people smart enough that they won't screw up the job and equipment, but honest enough not to steal. That can be a tall order.

    The jobs you use in the photos on your website are beautiful.
  • Thank you.

    And what you mentioned is a factor, but it's still not the real issue.

    In fact, I'm having trouble putting it into words.

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