• Had one in my parents house when we were growing up. The only time I ever really thought about it was when it was time to dump another bag of salt into it.

    Arguably I should have one in my house because the water has a high calcium content.

    It’s one of those things that you don’t really think about.
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  • What part of CO? My FIL is (was) a water quality engineer for WY and now part-time consults up and down the Rocky Mountain Fairway. I can pick his brain if you want?
  • 80439 is the zipcode. We are 40 min west of Denver in the foothills.
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  • You could try a good quality whole house filter first and see if that traps enough mineral content to make a difference.

    It not a bad idea regardless.
  • Yes, but there is also a portion of the minerals that is not in solution.
  • Yes. And my particulate filter is catching those, evidenced by the mud in the bottom of the filter housing. I think I hadn't replaced it in a year, which is obviously too long.

    My real problem at this point is scale build-up in and on fixtures. Even with that CLR spray it's hard to remove.
  • Yeah, I have the same problem. I’m just better at ignoring it.

    I literally have a small pair of needle nose vise grip’s acting as the handle for my kitchen sink faucet and they’ve been there for several years now.
  • I just can't deal with it anymore. And it isn't just the aesthetics of the faucets. It's also bad for the innards of dishwashers, clothes washers, clothes, and your skin.

    I'm dealing with a soon-to-die dishwasher right now. It's still under the 5 year extended warranty and started acting weird. I want to get it fixed and then preserve it by giving it better quality water. Maybe a pipe dream given what pieces of shit all modern appliances apparently are, but there are numerous benefits anyway.
  • I can respect that. Haven't found a comparable product made here, unfortunately.
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  • Haha yes. IoT infosec is a shitshow.
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