Iran: "Come at me bro...



  • It's a shame we don't have a marketing team of nips and krauts to visit these places and explain how it works:

    You don't get your dreams by opposing the US, but by yielding to it.  Germany wanted to rule Europe, and they do.  Japan wanted to be the dominant power is Asia but saw China as their impediment.  They just about got it 30 years ago, but their struggle continues.

    If I were a Russian, I'd start a war with the US just to lose it.
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    I laugh every time I look at it.
  • Apparently the missile strike on the US bases in Iraq were a face-saving gesture meant, I suspect, more for the Iranian people than anything else. Reports are that the Iranians notified the Iraqis of the strike, and they in turn notified US command.

    Their real responses will be more of the shadowy, proxy stuff they've done in the past. It will be interesting to see how effective they are with Salami out of the picture.
  • In the course of, what? Two days? Iran has had dozens of people killed in a stampede, a downed airliner, and now a 4.9 earthquake.

    Are famine and locusts next? For a hyper-religious people, they don't seem real quick on the uptake.
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    & the earthquake happened near a nucular plant?

    I also read Iran claiming (on state radio) multiple US casualties.

    Is Baghdad Bob still around?
  • I think Baghdad Bob is now Director of News, Middle East Region for CNN.
  • Seabird said:

    I think Baghdad Bob is now Director of News, Middle East Region for CNN.

    Not true. Bob has standards.

  • If Trump was a (D), the headlines would be "Trump Wins World War III In A Single Day".
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