Iran: "Come at me bro...



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  • Soleimani was Iran’s #1 asset in projecting force and influence globally, the right hand of the Ayatollah and second most powerful individual in the regime. He was more than competent at his job, effective at controlling great wealth domestically, and favored the wielding of real power over pursuing the political spotlight.

    In a chess game he was the Islamic regime’s queen, and the Ayatollah putting a rook or bishop in the same position from which Soleimani was unceremoniously vacated does not by any means mean that he has been “replaced”.

    The Iranian regime is making threats while Iranians are cheering and burning the regime’s banks.

    Iranian assets in the Iraqi state, which is lousy with said assets thanks in no small part to Soleimani, are signaling that we should all be wringing pur hands in dread of what is to come while Iraqis are celebrating the two-for-one deal our CIC just gave them on Soleimani and Mahdi al-Muhandis.

    Those same Iranian assets have been instrumental in keeping Iraqi oil revenues out of the hands of Iraqis, funelling a lifeline to the under-sanctions Iranian regime while skimming off the top to line their own pockets. This was something which, barring Iranian interference, was about to change.

    The leadership of pro-EU states of Europe have leapt to echo Iran’s assets in the Iraqi government, projecting weakness while remaining in line with their ongoing interests in bypassing the sanctions against the regime.

    Of equal if not greater importance than all that the Iranian regime has just been shamed, and bigly. They must act, or pretend to act, and most likely lie fantastically to preserve their “honor”, which is to say face.

    They have been hamstrung, slapped in the face, and dared to make their move while standing in quicksand of their own creation.

    The only other people with international microphones who are condemning this act are also known crooked pussies.

    Oh, and Russia.
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  • Slotkin, short version:

    Don’t make those of us who did nothing look bad. Before taking further action please consult with the feckless, untrustworthy, and incompetent, so that they may cover their asses and ours.
  • He wasn’t as bad Dave, he was actually at war with us and both the pacing and intensity I was attacks were increasing.
  • I guess the Twitter-verse and other social media platforms are gnashing their teeth about WW3. I’m not on Twitter, but I’m seeing secondary references.
  • Israel was actually all set to take this guy out a few years ago and then Obama narc’d them out to the Iranians.
  • I have officially lost count of the number of arguments I am currently having with people on the subject of article 2 section 2 who appear to have never read the document that they think Trump has violated.
  • Because he want to get him some Salami?
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