Iran: "Come at me bro...

...oooooooh, SHIT!"





  • As much as I can appreciate displays of military prowess... what seems missing right now is a good explanation/justification for this particular strike. Maybe that's because the media fucking hates Trump, or maybe it's because there really isn't one.

    Can you imagine if a foreign power blew up an equivalent military commander here on US soil?
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    From what I have read, he is responsible for the attack on the US embassy by so-called "Iraqis". Pompeo also said that they had evidence that there was an imminent threat to US forces in Iraq, which he was there to coordinate. And not to be overly pedantic, but he was hit in Iraq, not Iran, so the comparison doesn't follow, IMO.
  • Interesting. It isn't something I've followed closely, and I don't pretend to have a fucking clue what's really going on in the M.E. I just know ever since the British fucked the Ottoman empire, we've all been paying the price and will likely continue to into eternity.
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    I work with an Indian Muslim (now a naturalized citizen), and I once asked him his opinion on the ongoing crap between India and Pakistan. Did he feel conflicted between his religion and his nationality, etc... He said something like, "Naw... That's not the problem. It's the British who fucked everything up. Those people can go fuck themselves." Something to that effect...

    Very few people understand Sykes-Picot.

    EDIT: Oh, shit! Today is that agreement's anniversary.
  • EDIT: Oh, shit! Today is that agreement's anniversary.

    Wow. Should have held off the drone strike until today, then.
  • Maybe over there, yesterday was already today?
  • LOL maybe.
  • Maybe the Dems will add this to the articles of impeachment.

  • I'm sure Da' Squad is mourning the loss of one of their leaders.
  • The guy didn't just orchestrate the attack on the US Embassy in Iraq.  This guy orchestrated the attack on Benghazi as well.  He was also responsible for the IED program in Iraq that killed and maimed thousands of US soldiers and Iraqis.

    Soiledremains can burn in hell.  Seriously.
  • Any time you see an Iraq war veteran who is missing part of his body due to an IED; it was this guy's fault.

  • Soleimani was Iran’s #1 asset in projecting force and influence globally, the right hand of the Ayatollah and second most powerful individual in the regime. He was more than competent at his job, effective at controlling great wealth domestically, and favored the wielding of real power over pursuing the political spotlight.

    In a chess game he was the Islamic regime’s queen, and the Ayatollah putting a rook or bishop in the same position from which Soleimani was unceremoniously vacated does not by any means mean that he has been “replaced”.

    The Iranian regime is making threats while Iranians are cheering and burning the regime’s banks.

    Iranian assets in the Iraqi state, which is lousy with said assets thanks in no small part to Soleimani, are signaling that we should all be wringing pur hands in dread of what is to come while Iraqis are celebrating the two-for-one deal our CIC just gave them on Soleimani and Mahdi al-Muhandis.

    Those same Iranian assets have been instrumental in keeping Iraqi oil revenues out of the hands of Iraqis, funelling a lifeline to the under-sanctions Iranian regime while skimming off the top to line their own pockets. This was something which, barring Iranian interference, was about to change.

    The leadership of pro-EU states of Europe have leapt to echo Iran’s assets in the Iraqi government, projecting weakness while remaining in line with their ongoing interests in bypassing the sanctions against the regime.

    Of equal if not greater importance than all that the Iranian regime has just been shamed, and bigly. They must act, or pretend to act, and most likely lie fantastically to preserve their “honor”, which is to say face.

    They have been hamstrung, slapped in the face, and dared to make their move while standing in quicksand of their own creation.

    The only other people with international microphones who are condemning this act are also known crooked pussies.

    Oh, and Russia.
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    I recently saw the tweets of a politician that served under Busch & Obama as a Shia militia analyst and she mentions that taking out this guy has been discussed by many administrations, but the task was never undertaken because "in the big picture the ends didn't justify the means".  "The ends" being that the folks in the ME will undoubtedly resolve themselves to retaliate against the US via attacks on their diplomats, allies, armed forces abroad and at home in a decentralized protracted engagement.

    Oh, you mean like they're already doing?

    I'll see if I can dig it up again.

    "Kids" are talking about WW3 starting, the possibility of a draft and all sorts of gold. Like this sort of shit has never happened before.






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    Now that you've had a brief intermission of humor...


    WASHINGTON –– U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, a former CIA analyst and Shia militia expert who served three tours in Iraq focusing on Iranian-backed militias, and as a senior Pentagon official, released the following statement in reaction to the death of Qassim Soleimani, who led the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

    “As a former Shia militia analyst who served multiple tours in Iraq and worked at the White House under both Presidents Bush and Obama, and later at the Pentagon, I participated in countless conversations on how to respond to Qassem Soleimani’s violent campaigns across the region,” Slotkin sad. “If you worked on the Middle East over the past 20 years, you dealt with the growing organization and sophistication of Soleimani’s covert and overt military activities, which have contributed to significant destabilization across the region. I watched friends and colleagues get hurt or killed by Iranian rockets, mortars and explosive devices that were provided to Iraqi proxies and used against U.S. forces under Soleimani’s guidance. We watched as his power increased and he brought strength and capability to groups in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen, and to smaller cells around the Middle East and the world, with devastating consequences. We watched what can only be described as a cool war, taking place quietly under the surface of the public eye.”

    “What always kept both Democratic and Republican presidents from targeting Soleimani himself was the simple question: Was the strike worth the likely retaliation, and the potential to pull us into protracted conflict? The two administrations I worked for both determined that the ultimate ends didn’t justify the means. The Trump Administration has made a different calculation,” Slotkin added. “The Iranian government has vowed to retaliate and avenge Soleimani’s death, and could do so in any number of ways: against our diplomats and service members or high-ranking military officers, against our allies and partners in the region, or through targeted attacks in the Western world. It is critical that the Administration has thought out the moves and counter-moves this attack will precipitate, and is prepared to protect our diplomats, service members, and citizens serving overseas.”   

    “This Administration, like all others, has the right to act in self-defense,” Slotkin added. “But the Administration must come to Congress immediately and consult. If military engagement is going to be protracted -- which any informed assessment would consider -- the Administration must request an Authorization for the Use of Military Force. If the Administration needs additional resources, it will need to come back to Congress to request support. Congress also has a deep interest in the future of our relationship with Iraq, given our investment of blood and treasure there to rid the region of ISIS. Congress needs to understand the Administration’s plan as soon as possible.”

    If you want to read a comment section:

  • Slotkin, short version:

    Don’t make those of us who did nothing look bad. Before taking further action please consult with the feckless, untrustworthy, and incompetent, so that they may cover their asses and ours.
  • Um, given that all the attacks so far have been in IRAQ, not Iran, we already have an AUMF.
  • AUMF?

    We don't need no steenking AUMF.

  • Right. Soleimani was bad. Okay. All right. Important safety tip. Thanks, everyone.
  • He wasn’t as bad Dave, he was actually at war with us and both the pacing and intensity I was attacks were increasing.
  • Beats blowing up an aspirin factory.

    Is the Ayatollah unstable enough that the regime might change without an invasion?  Are Iranian people so kept in the dark by their regime that their unaware of how many Iraqis died after Saddam Hussein misjudged our reactions?

    I'm not asking rhetorically to suggest yes or no; I really don't have any idea.

  • Slap said:

    Is the Ayatollah unstable enough that the regime might change without an invasion?

    SOP for the regime during periods of expected mass unrest (such as the “elections”) is to send the combat arms of the regular military out into the middle nowhere on exercises.

    The regime fears having regular soldiers present and equipped in signicant numbers anywhere near where the Revolutionary Guard and Basenji militia are doing their thing against the regular population.
  • I guess the Twitter-verse and other social media platforms are gnashing their teeth about WW3. I’m not on Twitter, but I’m seeing secondary references.
  • Israel was actually all set to take this guy out a few years ago and then Obama narc’d them out to the Iranians.
  • I have officially lost count of the number of arguments I am currently having with people on the subject of article 2 section 2 who appear to have never read the document that they think Trump has violated.
  • MC Escher said:

    I have officially lost count of the number of arguments I am currently having with people on the subject of article 2 section 2 who appear to have never read the document that they think Trump has violated.

    Ask them why Russia ordered Trump to make the hit.
    MC Escher said:

    Israel was actually all set to take this guy out a few years ago and then Obama narc’d them out to the Iranians.

    How much of that mountain of cash Obama sent to the regime made its way back?
  • Watching the MSM align with Iran is an interesting bedfellow.  Soleimani was apparently a gentle soul that was just minding his own business when Trump decided to attack some brown people.
  • yeah Soleimani was bad, But WHY did Trump do it now?  

    I mean why now...just when he is in the middle of a democrat quasi-impeachment sort of effort?!?!

    We know his motive was crass, ugly, combed-over and orange, but exactly WHY did he choose NOW?

  • Because he want to get him some Salami?
  • That's a buncha baloney!
  • Looks like Trump will get his war with Iran.

    Rockets from Iran just hit an Iraq base that houses US troops.
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