Happy Thanksgiving, you SOBs

The ~20 lb bird has bathed in a salty, garlicy, peppery bath for 2 days.

After a buttery rub down, she's resting peacefully in a 350° sauna.

Hope all is well with everyone.


  • We are about to begin ingesting a medically in advisable quantity of turkey.
  • We went snowshoeing up in Wyoming, and reheated some thanksgiving food that she made in advance for the trip. Good times.
  • We are going on a cruise over Christmas so we celebrated Thanksmas... Chrisgiving... something like that this year.  Good times were had by all.

    I'm thankful for e-knowing you all these years.
  • I dry brined and spatchcocked the turkey for the second year and I don't think I'll ever go back to wet brining again. These two methods yield the juiciest, most evenly cooked bird I've ever had.
  • I bought a tray of sliced turkey (1/4” thick)
    I put some prepared potato’s n the bottom, put the turkey on top, covered that with mushrooms and poured a jar of Marsala sauce over everything; then covered the tray with foil and baked it for a while. (To 140*)

    When I actually cook a turkey, either hall or just the body without the drumsticks, I brush olive oil all over it, shake some Italian seasonings on top and stick it on a turkey cannon filled with apple cider. I cover the whole tray with foil, and put it on my barbecue at about 300-350 until it’s up to temp.

    BOTH methods produce really tender, juicy turkey.
  • We had Honey Baked ham, warned it up (in spite of the instructions not to) and had the stuffing we usually put inside a turkey heated in a casserole dish, it was great.  I don't really like turkey.
  • I put our turkey in a brine for about 24 hours and then roasted it on the grill. Nobody got sick or died, so I guess that counts as a successful Thanksgiving....
  • I'm a big fan of hardwood smoked turkey. But we've stopped hosting Thanksgiving and are always traveling somewhere for the holiday, so I don't get to make it anymore.
  • Turkey turned out great.... really moist, but this must've been the fattest bird they had.

    I didn't stuff it because I wanted more pan drippings, but in this case I had almost too much.
    Had to separate a ton of oil.

    On the plus side, there's enough gravy for about 5 more meals.
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