Happy Thanksgiving, you SOBs


  • We are about to begin ingesting a medically in advisable quantity of turkey.
  • We went snowshoeing up in Wyoming, and reheated some thanksgiving food that she made in advance for the trip. Good times.
  • I bought a tray of sliced turkey (1/4” thick)
    I put some prepared potato’s n the bottom, put the turkey on top, covered that with mushrooms and poured a jar of Marsala sauce over everything; then covered the tray with foil and baked it for a while. (To 140*)

    When I actually cook a turkey, either hall or just the body without the drumsticks, I brush olive oil all over it, shake some Italian seasonings on top and stick it on a turkey cannon filled with apple cider. I cover the whole tray with foil, and put it on my barbecue at about 300-350 until it’s up to temp.

    BOTH methods produce really tender, juicy turkey.
  • I put our turkey in a brine for about 24 hours and then roasted it on the grill. Nobody got sick or died, so I guess that counts as a successful Thanksgiving....
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