Ohioans - For whom ar you voting in the March 17, 2020 democrat primary?

At the moment, I'm thinking Warren, but I could be convinced to vote for Sanders.


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  • I'd give her back some beads, maybe a blanket or two.
  • Why is that Italian guy crying?

    My county here in PA is full blue now. Sigh. I am getting worried about 2020. The unrelenting propaganda looks like it's going to work on the crowd that watches The View.
  • Actually, from what I'm reading now (and I found out about this *after* I said what I did), today's The View is apparently must-see TV. The guest was Donald Trump Jr., and in ten seconds he calls Joy Behar out for once wearing blackface and Whoopi for her "not rape rape" comments.

    How well did DTJr do? At one point the audience was clapping for *him* and Joy felt compelled to scream "This is not a MAGA rally!" to shut them up.

    I'm trying to remember the last time I heard of a talk show host yelling at their audience to *not* applaud a guest. I am failing. Damn that Trump family for destroying all the norms of civil society!
  • Oh, and a panel that includes women named "McCain" and "Huntsman" felt it was necessary to raise DTJr benefitting from nepotism. Seriously.
  • I heard it was a real shit-show.
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