In California

Oldest nephew is getting married so we flew out to Bakersfield California Thursday evening.
We 're staying in Hot Springs. In the middle of nowhere. Reception is spotty. Went to the Sequoias, looked at the big trees.

Rental Sentra drives nice enough, but was struggling in the mountains.
The roads are a blast, though. I'm pretending I'm doing Pikes Peak.

Who knew there were hill Jack areas out here? Lots of friendly folks with Southern & Western accents. My youngest wore his Trump 2020 shirt (roll eyes) & no one assaulted him.

We fly back Monday.
Oldest got us free airfare, which is nice.


  • The central valley in CA is red. Its San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco that fuck it all up.
  • It appears so.

    Neat area though. Not sure I'd fly out here for a vacation, but since we were gonna be here anyhow, it's been nice.
  • I was out that way a few weeks ago with work but I decided to drag the family with.  Started in San Diego, drove up to LA and on to Sacramento area.  I went out there a bunch when I was with Cisco but it was good to show the family around.  Nice to visit but too crowded, too expensive and too much crazy.  We had a Nissan Rogue for a rental that was so-so but it was a blast to go through the hills and valleys.

    You're very close to Death Valley, head that way!
  • We spent a few days in SF in July on our way out to Hawaii. The wife has family in Walnut Creek and we have a couple of friends in the city. The weather is gorgeous. I got to run along the water front. It's impossible to have a bad meal. But they might as well attach a Hoover to your wallet when you get off the plane. It was also dirtier than my last trip, but not quite as bad as the Drudge headlines would have you believe.
  • Made it home at 2:00 this AM

    The closest we came to civilization (besides Bakersfield airport) was Kernville. 
    Small town on the Kern river with saloons, restaurants, antique stores....
    Biggest tourist trade is white water rafting. Breakfast after the wedding was here:

    Ewings on the Kern -- fine dining in a fine town

    (not my photo, but same spot) Ewing's on the Kern

    The roads are crazy. We had a black bear run in front of us in the mountains, along with random cows standing in the middle of the road. They must be part Mountain goat.

    I'm pooped.
  • Gorgeous view. I always loved that part of CA. The Sierra Nevada range is simply amazing. If we could just cut off about 100 miles of CA starting at the coast, it would be such a better place.
  • Indeed.

    Some random pics..

    The wedding location:

    My youngest in a Sequoia Tree


  • & by the way, the variety & number of rust free old cars was crazy.
  • Flying to Los Angeles for work this Monday-Wed

    Never been to LA before. How screwed am I in terms of traffic?
  • Traffic is horrible at all times.  Hopefully your hotel is near your work location.

    Don't get raped by a homeless drug trans or get MRSA if you visit the strip.

    My son was called the N word by a rapper handing out CDs at Venice beach and it made his life complete.
  • LA traffic is a disaster.

    Stay close to where you'll be working, or plan to burn an hour or more getting there.

    Strongly consider flying into BUR instead of LAX.
  • Awesome. Can't wait

    Hopefully your hotel is near your work location. 

    I have 3 sites I'm visiting. Round trip is 2hrs 10min  according to google (showing heavy traffic areas & 2 wrecks) 

    Strongly consider flying into BUR instead of LAX.

    I had originally planned on flying Akron Canton to Ontario Intl but that was $1600 with 2 stops
    Bean counters whined, so it became Cleve to LAX for $400

    The sites are basically between Ontario & LA
  • .at least the hotel has complimentary cocktails
  • dgmdgm
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    If you have any spare time, take a drive north over the Angeles Crest Highway.

    Don't necessarily pay attention to the specific route here, I basically created a loop just to highlight the mountain roads. It's a gorgeous drive up there.

    Avoid I-10. 210 is way better.


  • I should have a half day to do something.

    That would be fun 
  • Mt Baldy is closer, and also a nice drive into the mountains.

    If you're down near the coast (Woodland Hills area), check out Topanga Canyon down to PCH, head north on PCH, and pick any canyon road you want to head back over the Santa Monica Mountains up to the 101.

    PCH is a pretty drive, all the way up to Point Mugu.
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    2.FOH. said:


    I live 15 minutes from CLE. Whenever possible I fly to and from Akron/Canton.

    How it feels at CLE:


  • Great. This will be my first flight out of Cleveland.

    Akron Canton is five minutes from work & is a cakewalk to get through.

    & thanks, Dave. I'll keep those in mind.
  • I was in LA yesterday. Now I'm up in Bakershell (aka Bakersfield) visiting a friend; we'll head out to the coast tomorrow and hang out by the ocean.

    If you don't want to just run up into the mountains, I'd suggest heading east to Joshua Tree NP. And you can go back through the Big Bear Lake area.

  • Also a good option! Joshua Tree is pretty spectacular. I would personally skip the lower half of that  loop. The drive up through Big Bear is nice though, unless it's snowing.
  • The lower half is only meant to get him to J Tree more quickly.... Otherwise - yes, skip it. I-10 sucks less going east, but it still sucks.
  • Thanks for the suggestions.

    I'm hoping I'll have half a day on Tuesday.

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