Suggestion for UPS?

I was shopping for an on interruptible power supply in the 1500 VA range.

The go to brand that I have always liked is APC, but things change and I don’t really know who is making good product these days.

I was looking at the BR 1500 MS and the BX 1500 M, which are both in the $200 range.

Reading the reviews on Amazon is always a little bit tricky because you have to figure out which review was worth paying attention to and which is not.

I’m open to moving to a better unit but once you get above the $200 price point it, those prices start climbing rapidly. I’m not necessarily opposed to spending $300 or $400 for a good quality UPS but I’m not running a server room here and these things get up into the thousand dollar range and above a lot faster than you’d think.

I know some of you are still in the IT world and I was wondering if you had any product suggestions to make.


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  • I always struggle to make consumer grade recommendations. Are you running a PC or laptop? If the latter, just get a good spike strip and go somewhere else. If the former, the money you’re willing to spend correlates to the battery in the device. Do you need prolonged operations or just enough time to back up your data and do a clean shut down (which for an end-point device isn’t all that critical anymore)? Or is this going to connect to some kind of networking system where you have multiple devices to shut down?
  • I have smallish APC units on every computer in the house, as well as the main TV and DVR. They're enough to run the devices for probably an hour, but my backup generator takes 15s to start up.

    I also have a 1RU UPS in my networking rack, which can run all the network infrastructure for a couple hours. But again, backup generator.
  • APC is still the mainstream standard in the enterprise space. I can’t recommend a specific model because I don’t know what your requirements for it are.
  • Exactly. Get an APC that meets your capacity needs. If you're feeling fancy, get ones that plug into your computer's USB so you can run powerchute for an orderly shutdown of the computer before the battery runs out. Get one that has a replaceable battery, which at this point I think is all of them.

    I'm partial to the models that have a display on them, for applications where I can't run their powerchute software. It's nice to be able to scroll through a list of stats on the screen to check its health.
  • It’s going to power a computer and a 55 inch LCD TV that I’m using as a monitor. Probably a few other miscellaneous items. NOT the Xerox printer

    I was looking at these:

    BX1500M - $165
    BR1500MS - $200
    BR1500G - $300
    SMC1500C - $355

    I was already leaning towards the BR because of the external power supply connection.

    I read a review on Amazon where a guy went into a fair amount of detail about how he bypassed the internal battery and hooked up two Optima Blue Tops (deep cycle) in series to get the 24V. He was looking to dramatically increase backup time for his equipment. It also turned out that the power regulation for charging was just inside the upper limits for the Optimas.

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    We lose power if the weather man farts. How long? It can be several minutes or several days. In fairness it’s usually just several hours but that’s not really the point because I do have a generator. Actually, I have three of them. Four if you count the one my neighbor stole when he moved.

    My main issue is that if it happens in the middle of the night I want to be able to get to everything to shut it all down before the power supply runs out of juice.

    That said, I’m not looking to hook up a couple of Optimas, which would cost me over $500 in batteries, But having the ability to hook up a couple of less expensive batteries would be nice.
  • All of that other shit aside, from the list I posted, which would be your first choice, second choice, etc?
  • Thank you.

    One question…

    On the 1500 G…
    If I don’t know for certain that I will hook up an external power supply but I think that I might and it might be nice to preserve the ability to do so, should I move that further up the list or is the list the same order regardless of whether or not the X ternal power issue matters?
  • I guess I’m thinking that in the worst case situation I never actually hook up an external power supply and I end up wasting $100.

    Somebody call 911…

    I can hear Matt making choking sounds and clutching his chest from here...

    Anyway, thanks again, I appreciate the advice.
  • Ended up getting the BR1500MS at Microcenter last night. $200 and $15 for a 2-yr protection plan, which I got mainly because there were reviews on Amazon complaining about an annoying whining sound that some of these make. I’m guessing capacitor whine.
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