Epstein found dead

They’re already calling it a suicide. I have my doubts.


  • These things happen.
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    I read an interesting commentary somewhere comparing Epstein to Manson (within the context of that new Tarantino movie). Not because Epstein was a homcidal maniac, but because he supplied powerful elites with underage girls. The LA DA was successful at portraying Manson as *just an evil whackjob* and managed to deflect how he got close to Hollywood’s “new auteurs” of the early 70s.

    Both men were good at luring in and then manipulating naive young women, and ultimately pimping them out the very wealthy and powerful. Makes you wonder if Sharon Tate was killed because Polanski got sideways on a deal with Manson.

    Epstein remaining alive was dangerous to a lot of people with means.
  • It would be absurd to blame the Clintons!

    Clearly Trump called in a favor with Putin.
  • All references to Hillary Clinton should henceforth be immediately followed by, "..., who has not been exonerated of murdering Jeffrey Epstein,...", since that is apparently the new standard now.
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