American Legion v. American Humanist Assoc.


  • Three comments:

    1. Thomas only concurred in the judgment and not the opinion because he thought it stopped an insufficient amount of bullshit.

    2. The land the cross was on was acquired by eminent domain AFTER the cross was erected. Once the land the cross was on belonged to a local government entity they began caring for it as a median strip having nothing to do with the cross itself and I find the idea that mowing the grass constitutes establishment to be absurd on its face.

    3. This decision, unless I misunderstand something important, eliminates a long standing and terribly clumsy 3-part test for establishment and replaces it with something that approaches common sense. The new standard seems to be that if you want to claim establishment, you need to show that the govt is doing something beyond just allowing reminders that religion exists.
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  • Think they’ll name it the Lime test?
  • *Badump-ching*
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