Facebook digital currency

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Think of it like Bitcoin without any of the privacy or anonymity.

On one hand, I sort of want some because I think a lot of very stupid people will buy into it, making it valuable as an investment.

On the other hand, I would not want to use it as a medium of exchange.


  • I am curious what FB's internally discussed motivations for this project are. What they tell the public and what they talk about within their own leadership community are very, very different things. Same with Google. I think all they're doing is generating user behavioral (purchasing) data in order to drive other revenue streams.
  • Probably just another revenue stream.  Why let banks make all the money, shaving their percentages off every transaction they handle.  With the pure computational power these datacenter behemoths have, it seems like a no brainer IF people buy in. 
  • I’m wondering if I can sue them.

    No seriously...

    They take my money for advertising and then work diligently to alienate and drive off the demographic that is literally 80-90% of my customer base.

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