Since I just got 3 Days in Facebook Jail...

Since I just got 3 Days in Facebook Jail, I figured Id come over here and do some shit-posting.


  • What you in for?
  • Thought crime?
  • You can't post or comment for 3 days
    This is because you previously posted something that didn't follow our Community Standards.

    This comment goes against our standards on harassment and bullying, so no one else can see it.

    Aaron Riccabot - 

    1. All that shit about "racism, homophobia, xenophobia or plain stupidity on the part of MAGA folks" is bullshit. It's a caricature that YOU twatwaffles made up and then, because you can't distinguish between your own bullshit and objective reality, you assume YOUR propaganda is real. 

    2. You have NEVER tolerated us. I can't imagine why you fuckturds would even bother to lie about it. 

    3. MY God? What God is that? Did you just assume my religion? 

    4. For the record, Patchouli Oil isn't a bath, you goat smelling sheep fucker.
  • Reminds me of this documentary about FB.

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