Another Earth Destroyer

My youngest wanted either a 4x4 truck or suv, the condition being it was actually off road capable.

He was also paying for ~ 75% with his own money.

Looks just like this:

File:2002-2004 Jeep Liberty.jpg

2007 Liberty
One owner, with maintenance records & clean carfax

No rust anywhere. <--- this was a nice surprise.*

126,000 miles. He'll barely put 4,000 miles a year on it.
Runs & handles great (it's actually kinda fun to drive).


*We went & looked at one in Alliance & the exterior was mint, but I crawled underneath & could pull off large chunks of rusted
  metal from the under body. Parts of the frame were really bad too. The rocker panels are a sore spot with these.

 My son asked: Um, are you supposed to be doing that?.....pulling off chunks of the metal?

 Me: I'm making it lighter.


  • I have an unreasonable distaste for those but that seems like a great deal.  What I like about Jeeps for kids is that the more you modify them the slower they go and the more you scratch them the more character it gives.
  • Was never a huge fan either, but having driven it, my opinion has improved a bit. It's an old school, body on 
    frame, live rear axle ute. It's built like a little tank, too.

    Family members have had good luck with theirs.

    It was indeed a good deal.

    We were initially looking at Tacoma's & 4Runners, but Tacoma's are like 911's now & finding a clean $4000 4Runner with
    less than 250,000 miles is not easy.

    & yes, he's saving for a lift kit.
    It will need new tires before winter hits.
  • I am interested in what sort of lift kits are available for those. I really like the idea of the Diesel version. 

    We're heading to Alaska tonight for the next two weeks, and I think this time we're going to buy a vehicle to keep there. Looking to spend about the same amount. <$6k
  • Tacos and 4Runners...  They've captured the hearts and minds of every young driver I know. 
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    Ohio weather isn't kind to them.

    I had found an '04 Tacoma a while back. 
    Clean, 4x4, 2.7 4cyl, 5spd, frame was solid, body was very nice, for $6900 (it did have 190,000 miles)

    My son was excited to say the least (imagine Matt when he finds a dime on the floor).

    There wasn't anyone at the dealership, so I called the number on the front door.
    That truck had just sold & new owner was picking it up in the morning.

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    Dave, have a safe trip.

    From what I can tell, you can spend as little as $200 for an ~ 2" lift using
    existing suspension, to a grand or more for one that uses new shocks & springs.

    I don't believe the Liberty has an open differential, but quite a few folks convert theirs. 4wd high is not full time, but I think 4wd low is.

    I'm new to the whole Jeep community thing, so I know enough to be dangerous.

    The diesel version is a rare bird.
    It would be pretty cool though.
  • 4low is never fulltime.

    4high often is.

    Open diff is not desirable. limited slip diff or lockers are.

    I had an XJ years ago.
  • See that?

    Shows how much I know..
    I had it backwards.
  • Be careful. That Liberty is good for LIGHT off-roading.
    Also, watch out on tire weight when upsizing. You can slap “E-Rate” tires on a truck or even a CJ/YJ/etc an not worry about it too much, but light duty vehicles like that Liberty or my Pilot don’t do well when increasing the rotating mass by 15-20 pounds.

    Go on Tirerack and score a set of 235/70-16 General Grabber AT2’s while you still can. It’s a C-Rate tire and weighs about 33 pounds, as opposed to 45-50 like the E tires. But they’re discontinuing them, so all you have is current supply. I just picked up a set for $140ea.
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    Hive mind, Eric.

    Is there a notable difference between the AT2 & the A/TX?

    I'm sticking with stock size 225/75-16 for now 
    $116/tire - A/TX

    & he'll limit his off roading to dirt trails on local farm land. Quite a few hills, but no rock crawling involved.
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    That’s not actually the stock size. 225 and 235 with an aspect ration of 70.

    And yes, the tread is different. You can look at pictures on Tirerack.

    Almost forgot...
    I didn’t think he would be doing much in the way of rock climbing here in Ohio but you need to be careful about mudding as well, and that IS something we have in abundance.
  • Tell me about it.

    Tire Rack lists the stock size as either 225/75-16 or 235/70-16. 
    225/75 is what's on it now, but they are the more street oriented Goodyear Wrangler SR-A.
    Tread wear indicators are getting pretty close.

    Being a cheap bastard, I told him to stick with the size that's on it & any increase, he has to pay for.

    It sounds like the A/TX is little more than a minor update of the AT2's. Customers said don't change too much, it's already a great tire.
  • I scoured the Tirerack website, and others, like a democrat scouring the Mueller report for Obstruction or Collusion.

    I used to go for the Firestone Winterforce, but you cant get them anymore unless you buy a truck tire.

    The Grabber AT2 was the best tire I could find for light off-road use in a car based SUV.
  • Thanks for the recommendation. 

    It helps that they're not that pricey, too.
  • Having driven it a few times, I'm pleasantly surprised.


    - center console mounted window controls
    - it's thirsty
    - throttle response is slow (early drive by wire maybe?)
    - rack on top should run side to side, like on the old Cherokee.


    - Very maneuverable with a tight turning circle. I swear I can do a u-turn in my driveway.
    - Handling is not squishy
    - Torque coupled with tall final drive gearing.
    - similar to the xB, surprising room in a small package, although it's weird...sitting in the drivers
      seat, I can touch the windshield without stretching & in fact my arm is slightly bent.

    Tires are on order
  • - center console mounted window controls

    Probably carry over from the Wrangler?  
  • Good guess.

    I can't get use to it.
  • Why is that an issue? I don't understand.

    Maybe the laggy throttle can be fixed with a simple ECU tune.
  • I love center mounted window controls.  My Saabs, BMWs, and Porsche all have them.  I like.  Anything else is unnatural.

  • The only car I've had with console-mounted window controls was my Cabrio.
  • None of my VWs had power windows.  Just crank...  I'm old and was poor.
  • None of my VWs had power windows.  Just crank...  I'm old and was poor.

    Did your window regulators ever break back then?
  • Not at all, zuki.  I had strong arms back then.  And single, IIRC.

    Correlation does not equal causation.
  • Why is that an issue? I don't understand.

    Every car I've owned has door mounted window controls, either crank or power.

    Like Lazlo said, it's fucking retarded unnatural.

    Throttle - it's a fairly common issue. I've read their was a dealer fix you can have done.
    (likely the ECU tune you speak of)

  • ZedZed
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    I had a Nissan Frontier rental the past week or so, and they didn't include the remote fob. So I had to manually lock/unlock the doors all the time.  I never realized that they're bass-ackwards.  Turning the key counter-clockwise to lock the door and clockwise to unlock it.  Additionally, pushing down on the stalk to turn on your wipers, and down further to increase the frequency.
  • “Boy, those French! They have a different word for everything.”

    Steve Martin
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