Should be an interesting day in Venezuela


The tumultuous events started when Guaidó — who has been recognized by the U.S. and dozens of other nations as the legitimate interim president — appeared in an early morning video shot next to the air base a day before what he was promoting as a definitive putsch to oust Maduro. He was surrounded by heavily armed soldiers backed by a few armored vehicles.

Guaidó said soldiers who had taken to the streets were protecting Venezuela’s constitution.

“The armed forces have taken the right decision,” said Guaidó. “With the support of the Venezuelan people and the backing of our constitution they are on the right side of history.”


  • But that’s not real Socialism!
  • A form of government so good, people vote it it with enthusiastic support.  Then, they have to shoot their way out.
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    Lopez was a year ahead of me in college.  When I suggested that "socialist" entitlements weren't really rights, he responded to my comments by defending socialist ideas as a compromise position; I couldn't distinguish his arguments from incremental Communism.  While just about anything must seem like an improvement over Chavez/Maduro, I can't tell whether Lopez and Guaido are part of a genuinely moderate movement, or just a different flavor of Leftists infighting with other Leftists.
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    This probably falls into the “one problem at a time” category.
  • Will our useful idiots demand US military intervention to prevent the ouster of Maduro?
  • Go read read the NYT comments on their article about this.
  • Yeah, not dealing with the NYT nonsense.
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