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    I think 1 and 4 of your first list go together like PB&J. My cynical mind believes that’s the primary reason for the left’s howling demands that the report be released without redaction.
  • BTW...

    My theory is that the reason Mueller didn’t make a “traditional prosecutorial decision” is because he didn’t want to be the guy who did what Barr just did; announce that there was no actual collusion or obstruction.
  • The Russians have been trying to interfere in our elections for over a century. So far, the only ones who have actually collided with them were all Democrats. (Teddy “chappy” Kennedy, Jimmy “Peanuts” Carter and Wally Mondale)

    And I don’t recall you being upset when Barry Soretoes interfered in Israel’s elections.

    As for Trump, most of the people here were not sold on him prior to 2017. In fact, most of the people here still don’t like his style. That said, he has turned out to be one of the best presidents we’ve ever had, even if he does seem to be channeling Thornton Melon. And not just because he’s already done a better job of advancing a conservative, capitalist agenda than Reagan managed to do, he’s been a better president for the working man than perhaps any president in at least the last century, possibly ever.

    I do of course understand how a Marxist ideologue such as yourself would find that upsetting.

    As for the National Socialists and their tiki torches, they are an irellavant fringe group.

    Also, there WERE good people in on both sides at that event.

    What dishonest flunked like you continuously try to gloss over or even actively hide is that while there were two SIDES there were at least FOUR distinct groups there.

    And finally, the so called “homicide”...

    The car that stupid kid was in was surrounded by angry fascists who were so ignorant of history that they thought they were FIGHTING fascism. So when the car was physically attacked by what appeared to be a baseball bat, the kid panicked, hit the gas and rear ended the car in front of him, initiating a chain reaction collision.

    The idiot who got killed would still be alive if she wasn’t essentially playing in the street.

    Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy watching videos of ANTIFA morons getting hit by cars?
  • The guy who ran those people over at the protest is in prison for life. He was convicted of murder and dozens of other charges.
  • And another thing...

    Is it just me or does the Democrat party strategy seem to be based on the assumption nobody is going to actually READ the Mueller Report?
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