Kardishev Scale

I find the Kardishev Scale to be useless, annoying and more than a little unscientific.

To replace it, I give you the Escher 7 Level Scale, where each level contains the necessary pre-conditions to advance to the next level.

Baseline Civilization:
1. Compound tools
2. Persistent, permanent infrastructure.
3. Method of preserving knowledge and passing it to subsequent generations.
4. Abstract conceptualization.

Type 0 Civilization:
1. Basic understanding and use of chemistry and metallurgy.
2. Base mathematical system and the concept of zero.
3. Scientific Method

Type 1 Civilization:
1. Nuclear technology.

Type 2 Civilization:
1. Permanent occupation of other planets in native solar system.

Type 3 Civilization:
1. FTL travel between systems.

Type 4 Civilization:
1. Includes more that one Species that has reached Type 3 civilizations.

Type 5 Civilization.
1. TBD


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