New Burger War?

Was Gillette really infiltrated by progressive idiots, or is this a "new burger war" to sell stuff where instead of McDonalds/Burger King we have Gillette/Barbisol?

I wondered if Gillette and Barbisol might be owned by the same company, but I didn't find a connection above Perio, Inc, for Barbisol, LLC (in Ashland, Ohio) or Proctor and Gamble for Gillette.


  • Gillette's parent company, P&G, is a big lib company.  Most big companies are dominated by liberals at this point mostly because liberals have done a great job ensuring falling out of line with their direction means bad but effective publicity.

    Gillette is in trouble though, their market share is getting hammered by start-ups like Dollar Shave Club.  So, what do they do?  Double-down on what they think people want.  The problem is that they are in their own little shaving bubble and don't have the sense to know their views are further out of step than they think.

    The marketers at P&G also know that riling people up get's people talking about their brand, so mission accomplished.
  • Gillette lost their edge due to cost. I moved to DSC because they operate on a razor thin profit. But you’re right. P&G had better get a handle on their marketing strategy or they’ll get creamed.
  • LOL, nice.
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