• It's terrible that America's first homeless people should be subjected to smiling children, an inherently euro-centric activity.

    I call on Congress to establish safe spaces for these protestors that would be free of the damaging emotional effects of highschool boys.  I propose the following areas.

  • We can't even say that the news media went completely off the reservation with this story. It's exactly the sort of false story you'd expect them to tell.
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    dgm said:

    We can't even say that the news media went completely off the reservation with this story. It's exactly the sort of false story you'd expect them to tell.

    That's injuneous.

    Ultimately, the media who gave us this story took it back.
  • When was the last time a society had a press corps (and academia) so eager to demonize a demographic?  1950s Southern Democrats?  1930s German socialists?  1910s Wilson Democrats?

    Its almost as though a common thread running through Progressivism is the need for a bogey-man to enhance the appeal of socialist "solutions."
  • It's amazing how quickly the media blanketed the internet with their false narrative. Now, with the revelation of the other side of the story, it's all up in smoke. Does this signal a change in tactics?

    It's just disgraceful how that old man tried to buffalo the kid.
  • Ultimately, the media who gave us this story took it back.

  • I am 1/1024th surprised this became a story. It seems a still significant portion of "the media" is doubling down on the initial story instead of correcting it. The kids are being doxxed, the school is being harrassed as well as their parents. Phillips story keeps "evolvong" and now it seems there is some dispute as to whether he was actually in Vietnam. He definitely is a professional agitator.

    In the too many to count twitter responses I have read the simple fact they were wearing MAGA hats was sufficient to warrent any taunting and physical abuse they receive.
  • evolvong doh!
  • 2.FOH. said:

    Ultimately, the media who gave us this story took it back.


    That's what is known colloquially as "Indian Giving".
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    All cheesy puns aside, both actors in the interaction could have done better.  I'd expect an older fellow to act with more wisdom than a younger fellow.  Either way, neither of them deserve the attention they're getting.

    That said, why isn't anyone paying attention to the whack-a-loon, Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan (SYB), that was truly spewing hatred and bile.
  • I don't understand what you think the kid did wrong.

    He stood where he was, while an adult walked up and aggressively beat a drum inches from his face.

    Anyone reading anything into his facial expression is claiming to be a mind-reader.
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    I'm not saying he did wrong.  I'm saying he could have de-escalated, just backed off.  Don't play games with instigators.  Sure he has a right to stand where he was, but you don't always have to claim your rights. (Just like crossing the street in a crosswalk, you may have the right of way, but a car can still make you a skid mark)

    That said, I wouldn't expect a HS kid to have a complex thought process about it.   I did watch the long footage, and the kids were doing their HS sports chants when Nathan Phillips waded into the group, apparently beating to their rhythm... then it started to get quiet because, I assume, they picked up some vibe that he wasn't there to celebrate with them, and that's when things got awkward.  I would expect better of an elder man who had been in the service to not act like an ass and look to instigate a reaction from a bunch of rowdy kids.  But now we know that apparently that's what he's known for.
  • Zed said:

    2.FOH. said:

    No need to get red faced with embarrassment.

    From what I saw, the kid wasn't acting out as much as his classmates were.
    Considering the actions of the Hebrew Israelite twats, I'm guessing they were pretty agitated.

    I like how Chief Crooked Tooth claims he viewed the teens as predators & the Hebrew thugs as prey. 

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    Has it been stated that Nathan Phillips affiliated with SYB and/or the Black Hebrew group, or was he alone and acting on his own?   In the full footage that came from SYB's cameraman, it sounded like they knew who he was when he came into frame and approached the group of kids.
  • Not sure.

    If they're career protesters, they probably cross paths frequently.


  • Zed said:

    I'm not saying he did wrong, I'm saying he could have de-escalated, just backed off.
    Backed off... where?
  • Just taken a step back. Around 0:51sec in this footage there's plenty of space for both people there and move around.

  • So? Why should he have to move? Just because you're an old fuck with a drum doesn't mean you can herd people like bison.
  • dgm said:

    So? Why should he have to move? Just because you're an old fuck with a drum doesn't mean you can herd people like bison.

    He's Indian, so yeah, he can.
  • It really is a cute language trick when everyone reports this as "teen stands close to Native American Elder" but what really happened is the old agitator walked up and stood in the teen's face.
  • He doesn't have to move. It would just be a good idea to do so.  Some strange old guy who evidently doesn't have enough sense to not walk into a bunch of rowdy high school guys is now in your personal space.  Some strange old guy that may be affiliated with that SYB guy that isn't mincing words at all.  I mean you don't know what this guy is capable of, and he obviously isn't thinking 'normally'. He might be a frail old dude who likes percussion, or he might be a wiry dude who is fast with a blade and looking to start shit, or something in between.   Like I said, the kid has a right to stand where ever he wants out there, but face-to-face with a crazy old dude is not high on my list. 
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    The lad did well.  He remained calm in the face of a primitive dominance display, and even calmed his friends.

    It isn't as if offered the fellow a burger.
  • nbody said:

    The lad did well. 

    Indeed he did.
    nbody said:

    It isn't as if offered the fellow a burger.

    Oh snap!
  • I'm mostly off-put by the defensive stance, not of the kid, but of the people responding to matter of fact tone from media racists.  Whichever journalists are spreading libels about this kid and his school should be targets for litigation and public shaming.  Freedom of the press doesn't include libel.

    I'm not as surprised by media hacks being racists  as I am surprised by the response to such racism always being defensive rather than going on the offense to get such journalists' employers sued, get those journalists fired, or at the very least public recognition that the twitter-scolds should be directing their ire at sleazy journalists, not high school kids.

    Contrast this with the way "journalists" treated HS students from Parkman.
  • Let's not leave the diocese out of the condemnations.

    "The Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School, which organized the student trip from Kentucky to Washington for the March for Life, issued a statement late Saturday apologizing to Phillips. They said the students, whose actions have drawn widespread condemnation, involved potentially face expulsion."

    The staff involved in reaching that conclusion aren't fit to mentor boys.
  • The reaction of the diocese is probably the most dissappointing thing about this whole case.I expect left wing "journalists", politicians and media figures to react exactly how they did. I expect the trolls to comment the way they do. I even expected the right wing pundits who were so quick to condemn the boys in some misguided effort to appear as a "reasonable conservative" something the right seems so eager to do while the left circles the wagons no matter how vile the charge. None of that is surprising but as an RC with a daughter in an RC school who has a very good chance of attending this march next year, it bothers me a diocese would so readily throw children under the bus before the whole story came out. Also troubling is that now that a clearer picture has emerged they have yet to change their stance publicly.
  • Yes, that's spineless.

    I'm sure the African Hebrew Israelite leadership will come out, condemning their members behavior as well.
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    Krog, I was with the jesuits in the late 70s-early 80s, when the communists were trying to take Salvador.  I received a lot of indoctrination in liberation theology; this was before JPII issued a prohibition on that indoctrination, and forced that communist priest in the Sandinista government to resign/suspend his duties (censure).  Francis re-instated him, btw.

    Three years ago, I prepared to enroll my daughter in an RC girls prep school.  I heard a lot of the same social justice BS from their theology department.  The marxists, feminists and those opposed to latin rite never really followed magisterium; they only muted their advocacy temporarily.

    If the Covington diocese reflects my experience, the people who run the school share the values that drove the mendacious conclusions of the media about these boys.
  • While I haven't run into too much of that from the administration at her current school I have to believe given the marxist leanings of our current pope it must infect a significant portion of the entire church. However we do have a new young priest who regularly refrences Jordan Peterson in a positive way in his homilies.

    Since it is a small school in the south a large portion of the enrollment is made up of northern transplants which has lead to some interesting encounters. I had to create an akward situation at her recent birthday party when one of the kids shouted out "Well your president is a racist cheeto!" I hadn't been paying particularly close attention to the conversation to know how it got to that point but I had to be the embarrasing father and correct her.
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