Merchant Services is the Debil

Just switched banks recently and had to retarget my card reader to the new bank.

So yesterday I get an email from some asshat demanding to see 3 invoices that added up to about just under $10,000.

That in itself didn’t bother me as much as his “papers please!” attitude did.

My response was “Why?”

He said that it was standard practice for new accounts. (As if I would care)

Only, I’m not new. I just moved to a new bank.

So now he wants to know my old MID.

Wait a minute...
Shouldn’t he already know that?

Now I’m wondering if I’m being socially engineered.

So I basically stopped responding to him.

Today I get a call from Sexy Voice Lady. (Every large company keeps a few on staff)

The upshot is that I told her that I’m not turning over any invoices unless somebody explains why they need them.

I also said that if they think I’m doing something fraudulent that they can call the cops.

And I expressed a willingness to drop version services anytime they piss me off sufficiently, though I did find a way to express it politely.

She did say that they might with hold the funds until they get the invoices but I already collected the funds and if they’re going to play games going forward I don’t need to take credit cards.
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