I know what I'm going to ask Santa for this Christmas....


  • Oh dear Lord, I pray thee would allowest this to transpire. I will increase my tithe 10 fold.

    I will give up cheap booze & only buy the pricey stuff.

    I will stop referring to the HR lady as the walking wet fart.

  • Someone's preparing.

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    I think it moved a little. What does that mean, Jerry?
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    Great avatar Seabird.

    My dearest wish in regards to Mrs. Clinton is that she spend the rest of her life in prison for her outrageous and voluminous crimes.  If that cannot be arranged, then yes, please keep her as the effective head and crime boss of the Democrat Criminal Organization so she can continue to absorb a large portion of their power unto herself and then destroy it.  But if the opportunity should present itself, no matter how much additional destruction of the Left she is accomplishing, yes, I still wanna see her in orange forever.  There is more than enough concrete evidence of her guilt in the public square that public trust in the Rule of Law is eroded every moment that she avoids her just fate.

  • Jobs Not Mobs... love it.  The GOP is improving their rhetoric game.
  • Thanks, Quinn. Lifted from Drudge.
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    Qwinn said:

    My dearest wish in regards to Mrs. Clinton is that she spend the rest of her life in prison for her outrageous and voluminous crimes...

    If no one else here calls bullshit on hyperbolic nonsense like this, it leads an outsider to believe it's group consensus.           

  • No, it’s actual and voluminous crimes.
  • MC Escher said:

    No, it’s actual and voluminous crimes.

    Pro tip: Just because you find someone distasteful doesn’t make them a criminal.
  • Straw man.

    Hillary isn’t a criminal because I find her distasteful, she’s a criminal because she’s been committing crimes for most of her life.
  • That's pretty egotistical.
  • Ha! if you go to that post on her twitter page, the follow ups are hilarious.

    First one:

  • MC Escher said:

    ...she’s a criminal because she’s been committing crimes for most of her life.

    Still waiting for a list of those "crimes" along with one or two convictions to back up the claim.
  • No.

    I'm not going to waste my time proving something that you already know and wouldn't acknowledge as true if your life depended on it.

    Fuck off.
  • Do you believe she had Vince Foster killed? Was to blame for Benghazi? That Pizza-gate was real? 
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    She was at a minimum fairly to blame for declaring some internet video as the cause of the Benghazhi attack and getting an innocent man thrown in prison all to distract from her own failures.

    Any reasonable prosecutor would have charged and convicted her for her violations of national security with her homebrew server, and a list of people who have gone to jail for far less and with no "intent" is easy to produce.

    Filegate (one of the first scandals, and IMO the one that explains how she got away with all the others.)

    Cattle futures. Obvious insider trading.

    Endless counts of obstruction of justice in all of the above.

    Her crimes are beyond counting, but like MC I know you won't admit to any of them, since you've established that her actually being convicted is a requirement, when in fact using illegally acquired FBI files on her opponents as infinite blackmail material to protect herself from being charged is one of the charges.
  • Oh, and the Clinton Foundation itself is a RICO violation.  Ask the Haitian Prime Minister what he thinks about the Clinton Foundation absconding with most of the money raised for Haitian earthquake relief.
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    Qwinn said:

     Cattle futures. Obvious insider trading

    Worse, that raises a red flag for bribery.  Her broker was securing her gains by back dating trades to have her sell at the daily high and buy at the daily low, but we've never learned who was on the other side of those trades.  Whoever was selling at the daily low and buying at the daily high, was most likely using those trades to effectively pay a bribe.

    No one has ever produced a remotely plausible legitimate explanation for those trades.  "Corrupt Hillary" was effective because just about everybody knows its true, even if some people are too partisan to admit it.
  • Don’t forget Tyson Chicken.
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