Two tickets in 25 minutes.

I think that’s a personal record for me.

Combined 150mph and $300.


  • Same cop? That would have been cool.
  • You did a burnout as you were pulling away from the 1st one, didn't you.
  • Well done.

    Fuck you, pay me. /The State.
  • To stay troopers, two different locations.

    Bear in the air for the first one and the second one just saw me driving like I do.
  • When you get pulled over, what is your strategy?
  • You haven't read the infamous Nakona Ticket FAQ???????
  • Thanks for posting that, I think that's where I was going subconsciously.  Anything you've changed from 16 years ago?
  • Much less impressive...

    Got pulled over for no front plate on the truck by an OSHP.

    Had to inform him I was carrying.

    He was cool. Commented on how nice the truck was for a 97 & gave me my ticket.
  • He wrote you for that??? What a dick. The only thing more frustrating is when I get pulled for speeding and they *don't* write me up for the no front plate. I discovered that it's a pretty handy tool when bargaining with the ADA who just wants a win.
  • Yep, & all tickets start at $100 IIRC.

    This goes back to when my oldest put the truck in a ditch & it ripped the front plate off
    I'll be lucky if I can even find it.
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    I only got ticketed once for not having a front plate, exclusively. It was back when I had the 337 and we were at peak Fast & Furious. He went all over my car, checking the tint % and the exhaust for decibel levels. I went to court on a Sat morning and discovered that most of the cases on that particular docket for the same thing. The judge asked everyone who was in for not having a front plate raise their hands. When the judge saw all the raised hands he literally facepalmed and muttered something to his clerk. I suspect it was the same officer who wrote everyone up and I also suspect he found himself on that judge's shitlist. LOL

    He asked everyone, "Did you take care of it?". "Yes, yeroner.". "Dismissed! Pay a $10 court fee to the clerk" *bang*
  • They checked exhaust with a SPL meter?  What police department has money to buy that and keep it calibrated annually?  Are the dB limits codified?  WTF?
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    Yep, HPD. His car was specifically marked as "TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT". There was a lot of street racing going on back then and HPD and the HCSD got into a little hot water for over-zealously trying to police the tuner crowd. There was a drive in on the west side of town where a bunch of the Asian tuners would hang out every Sat night. It was a popular place to drag because the street it was on is long, wide and had street lights spaced every qtr mile or so (convenient, right?). Apparently one night the police showed up and just started impounding cars saying that they were all involved in street racing. It was a big to-do and the captains involved in the operation got more than a handslap IIRC.
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