Pope Francis, a new low?

Other problems of the RCC aside, it has had a longer struggle with the chinese communists.  The communists opened their own RC style churches, appointed their own bishops, and issues their own scripture.  Meanwhile, chinese RCs who sought authentic RCism attended illegal home churches.

The RCC has now reached a Konkordat with the chinese communists that gives them a substantial role in appointing RC bishops in China.

"As described in press reports, this deal is a clear violation of current
Church law. Canon 377.5 in the Code of Canon Law states flatly that “no
rights or privileges of election, appointment, presentation, or
designation of bishops are conceded to civil authorities” — an
unambiguous stipulation that gives legal form to the teaching of the
Second Vatican Council in its Decree on the Pastoral Office of Bishops
in the Church. Even worse, responsibility for Church affairs in the PRC
has now been taken from the Chinese state and given to a bureau of the
Chinese Communist Party — which means that the Vatican is proposing to
give a right of “presentation . . . of bishops” to Communist
bureaucrats, whose interests, it may be safely assumed, are not those of
the Church and its mission of evangelization."

John Birch could not be reached for comment.


  • Given Francis' socialist attitudes, Communist supplication isn't all that surprising.
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    Seabird said:

    Given Francis' socialist attitudes, Communist supplication isn't all that surprising.

    I understand why you would write that, but I suggest that this is more significant than another stupid pastoral letter.

    It is a defining characteristic of Latin christianity that the episcopal authority is retained by the church exclusively.  Part of the superior intellectual and political rigor of the RCC compared to Orthodox churches rests in the Orthodox churches political obedience.  This isn't a separation of church and state in an american sense, but a recognition that church and state are different things.

    To invite the communists into the episcopal apparatus would effectively sell out chinese RCs.  As Joe Biden would note, this is an important matter for a sitting pope.
  • I understand, but my comment wasn't just a flippant barb at Francis' ideals. I really do suspect that his socialist ideals overrule his commitment to RC doctrine and practice and he might even think that the CCP's guidance and oversight is preferable. A pretty extreme accusation, and yet... He's doing it.
  • He’s from Argentina.
  • MC Escher said:

    He’s from Argentina.

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