Government Fuckery and Shit


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Why do we willingly form governments even for towns with a thousand people in them and one traffic light? And THEN we volunteer to pay for this experiment in stupidity with taxes on our property?

Because we need shit done.

Someone has to roust the town drunk, somebody has to put out the fire in Elmo's BBQ again and somebody has to keep track of the paperwork at the village hall.

So if we're over here taking care of our shit to our satisfaction; and you're over there taking care of your shit to your satisfaction; and everyone else is taking care of their own shit to their own goddamned satisfaction; why the hell do we need those window-lickers down at the County seat?

I'm not saying that we DON'T need them, I'm saying that every level of govt should be able to justify their existance by answering that question.

And if they CAN'T justify whatever fuckery they're into by explaing why we need to do that particular bit of fuckery; then WE need to ask ourselves why we don't tell them to PACK their shit and get the fuck out. Or at the very least, cut that shit out and start doing the shit we hired them to do.

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