Jim Acosta complains about people in a crowd yelling at him. /TheOnion?

"CNN: While doing a live hit at President Trump's rally in Tampa,
Florida, CNN's Jim Acosta addresses the hecklers chanting "fake news"
and "go home" behind him.

"To give you a sense of what's happening right now, you can hear there
is a chorus of boos and other chants at this Trump crowd here in Tampa,
Fla. They are saying things like 'CNN sucks,' 'go home' and 'fake
news,'" Acosta reported.

"Wolf, obviously all of those things are false," Acosta claimed. "We're
staying right here. We're going to do our job and report on this rally
to all of our viewers tonight."

In reflecting on the episode, he noted,

“I’m very worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt.”

He continued: “We should not treat our fellow Americans this way."

Acosta only a month ago:

Acosta deflected criticism that he's grandstanding or violating
standards of civility by shouting at the president. "If they want to
send me to hell, I'll still be shouting at the devil," he said Sunday.


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