Dyson, Goldberg, Peterson and Fry

Discussion of political correctness.  Takes most of two hours and is better than anything on TV, so I watched it.  Stephen Fry seemed the only one speaking to the question.


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    I can't figure out why Peterson spoke the word "precisely" so loudly.  Unless the sound people were screwing with his mic, it seemed disjointed and a fairly poor performance compared with his past displays.

    In other news:

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    Now I'm wondering if the inebriation isn't just an act.

    I did appreciate "What you call collateral damage I call localized rapture".
  • I think it is an act, just like the goofy hat.  Or an excuse for slurred speech despite being sober.
  • He doesn't seem unintelligent, but his commentary in this wasn't as clever as it was in the channel four interview or the polish member of the EU parliament.  He gets very wound up in "political correctness" as a euphemism, though it is certainly and historically a pejorative.
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