New Record!

I just got popped by a bear in the air at 98 in a “does it really matter?” zone.


  • Does this mean you were driving at 98mph on a straight road when your speed was measured by airplane and a citation issued?
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    Pretty much, yeah.

    They’re out hunting today in large numbers.

    If I hadn’t just pulled onto the beltway from 71 I would have seen them.

    It’s only $192.

    I already have that prorated down by at least half.
  • Doh!

    Any threat to take your license?
  • ZedZed
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    Wow, that's pretty cheap, relatively speaking.  I got tagged for 99 in a 55 in PA back in '96, and that cost me a couple hundred+, a mandatory court visit, and 2 week suspension of license. (Jetta 2.0, no less, lol)
  • Nahh, none of that.

    I’ve got that white privilege thing.
  • MC - it's like a beige card, isn't it.

    Zed - Ha. That poor Mk3.

    I was nabbed doing 95 in a 70 (in Georgia no less).
    Misses & I were on our way to Florida.

    It was 1:00AM.
    Honda CRX hf
  • So I paid that ticket and I checked...

    It was $1.96/mph.

    Not counting all the prorating.
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